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Because of some unavoidable reasons, SayOut has stopped it’s service to the customers. We will update any further info in this article.

SayOut is a platform to target the wide Indian audience for advertising and promotion campaigns. This Mumbai based startup was founded by Raushan Jha, a Bachelor of Management studies on 11th June, 2014. Within one month of its launch, SayOut has employed over 25 young dynamic talents from various urban centers with varied educational backgrounds and diverse expertise.

Nobody counts the number of advertisement campaign you run. They just remember the impression you make and the SayOut team – a pack of quirky characters with a representative tactic helps you in making the campaigns go viral.

When asked to Raushan, about story behind the start-up, he says

I always wanted to make something different, but something which is useful and will sustain demand(s). One day, I saw some people who were promoting their event in public places with some posters and they were describing their event to the citizenry, and literally people were buying tickets through their mobile after consolation. That manner of promotion clicked my mind and I determined that I will commence a fellowship which will provide some services like this to a brand, company or institution to advertise and market its line of work, and I was convinced that it will be in need.

Raushan Jha (Founder,
Raushan Jha (Founder,

Brands spend huge money to get noticed by their customers in printed and digital media. Now, SayOut disrupts that mechanism of promotion – it goes to the targeted customers and tells them about the brand or company and in such a manner that no business is not a business unknown, anymore. The ability to create something viral lies with creativity, and at SayOut this is the major factor that makes it the clients’ best destination.

The startup team goes to cafes, metro stations and trains, buses and bus stops, and other commuter service, schools and colleges and the list goes on to create public awareness about the brands.. The team speaks of their client with innovative ideas and stories so they could convey an interest into the listeners mind. They distribute gift packages in public places; packets have all the information about the brand with a surprise gift, this way people will take all the information about the company in a happier note hence raising the likelihood of an increased fan count.

The USP of the service is that its core functioning policy of brand building which can make a radical change in the current advertising industry, as it establishes a direct contact between a brand and a customer. With all startups challenges are a common word, SayOut faced with a huge challenge of establishing the service in all major cities.

“It was really hard to create a huge network all over India to provide hassle free services to clients”, says Raushan.

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