Alexander McQueen says “There is no better designer than Nature” and we totally agree with this. So, the term ‘mother’ has always been synonymous with ‘creator, nurturer’ and so on.  Today, at The Startup Journal, we introduce yet another mother who has created this amazing portal – SchoolWiser, for parents and their children. Read on…

So, what is SchoolWiser?

Well, it is a platform that helps parents to identify the ideal school for their children. SchoolWiser provides all the requisite information about different schools, for instance, the fee structure, the curriculum, the teaching methodology, community reviews and much more. The portal was started in Gurgaon, initially. But as of now, it has grown in proportions and spread to Kolkata, Delhi, Noida, Pune, Bengaluru, Chennai, Mumbai and Faridabad.

SchoolWiser is the brain-child of…

Pooja Kedia, a mother, of course! Pooja has almost two decades of experience in strategic business enhancement in Media & Telecom companies and an extensive international exposure. She is a Six Sigma Black Belt who has worked with the likes of Bharti Airtel, Tesco Plc and British Sky Broadcasting. But her most commendable performance to date is that of a mother. After having moved back to India, from London, she faced exhausting and strenuous times, trying to identify the right school for her children. Consequently, was born!

Why SchoolWiser?

One might want to understand the importance of a platform like SchoolWiser. In today’s ever-changing times, education, too, has evolved in leaps and bounds. New age schools have started to co-exist with the conventional ones. Parents are confused and spoilt for choice. They tend to feel inclined toward School X, yet School Y has a better infrastructure. To add to the indecisiveness, School Z boasts of an International curriculum. This is where SchoolWiser, like a knight in shining armor, comes to the rescue of the parents and assists them in choosing the best school for their children. They are guided toward what is appropriate for them, according to their preferences.

So how does SchoolWiser help us?

The portal’s widespread popularity is due to various key characteristics.

  • It helps parents in making decisions by providing distinct School Profiles. These give an insight into the fee structure, the curriculum, co-curricular activities, the board of education the school is associated with, the infrastructure and so forth.
  • SchoolWiser has carved a niche for itself, which separates it from its competitors, by including Reviews by community members, further reinforced by verified data. This first-hand information provided by its strong parent community ups SchoolWiser’s integrity quotient.
  • SchoolWiser also boasts of a Q&A section on its portal. Here, either SchoolWiser or its parent community, provides answers to questions posted by fellow parents. This personalized approach further strengthens the credibility of the platform.
  • The portal has an exclusive feature, the Instant School Compare Tool, which allows a parent to compare up to 4 schools, simultaneously. As a result, the parent can look at the salient features of 4 different schools, without switching screens or taking notes. Consequently, even the minutest of details are highlighted and considered and there is no loss of information.


How can parents access the information?

The process is oh-so-simple, just 4 quick steps:

  1. Sign-up
  2. Search for preferred school. The parent can type in the name of the school and get the entire information; alternately, the name of the specific locality can be keyed in and the school can be identified, along with the relevant details.
  3. Shortlist the schools. Access the individual data related to the fee, infrastructure, curriculum and other criteria; And…….
  4. Connect with the chosen schools.

What about the schools?

  1. A school needs to connect and add itself to the portal.
  2. It needs to fill out all the requisite details and highlight its salient/exclusive features.
  3. The final, obvious step is to connect with parents who have expressed interest in their school.

SchoolWiser helps to make life easy for the parent community and expedites the school selection process; All of this with a few clicks. So, log on to SchoolWiser because they ask ‘what’s in a name’; and they say “everything we do”. (Quote courtesy Morris Mandel).

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