The story begins when two childhood friends and serial entrepreneurs came across an idea of a search engine that makes shopping online easier by comparing prices throughout the web and generating optimal results.

Launched on the 29th of July in Mumbai, Grabshack is co-founded by Harsh Rajat and Robin Srivastava. After the idea of Grabshack was born, it took around a year for Harsh and Robin to develop Grabshack in a way which made finding the offers on products across Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, Paytm and hundreds others as easy as one search. Meanwhile, it is not Harsh and Robin’s first shot at startups. Their first startup 360 web browser marked it is legendary presence globally as it was one of the first and most powerful iOS browsers in 2012. This was followed by marketing and promotion of apps via 3 Magic Shots in 2013.


Grabshack is a website for finding and comparing the best prices on products across 100+ e-commerce websites. It has been created to solve the problem every consumer faces when ordering online. That is, the problem of “How do I find the best price on a product or a deal? I surely can’t go through every website out there.” Grabshack uses its own semantics engine to relate the user and the product they want from different websites. The semantics engine which is based on AI, goes on these websites, interpret and understands the results by creating more than 500 relevant points taken from users, twitter trends, Facebook trends to provide you with the results you are actually looking for and at the cheapest price.

“Think of it as google for deals and coupons available on any Indian e-commerce sites, food joints, travel, recharge, etc. Or better yet, your own personal assistant, which will find your favourite product at the best price available.” says Harsh.

“I knew this was a huge and complex problem to solve, but Harsh and I saw an opportunity to tame this mammoth. We were excited to create a unified engine to search all e-commerce sites at once and solve a real problem. But we also knew that this would take all our time and I would either have to choose my corporate career in US or comeback and work with Harsh to nail this devil. While I was jittery when I did it then, I am proud now and can say that that was the best decision of my life.” says Robin.

Grabshack is currently bootstrapped and is not looking for any funding until its expansion outside India. Moreover, it has partnered with most of the e-commerce stores and gets a percentage of commission for driving traffic to their websites. The team just launched Grabshack and plans to make it popular in India and then take it to US, Thailand, Brazil and other countries with many e-commerce stores.

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