It was one such afternoon when the founders – Bhushan Bhagwat, Shrikant Sawant, Prasun Nair and Chandu Mohan decided on evolving solutions that would be beneficial to individuals and organizations alike. Believing to work towards solving real world problems with simple and smart solutions leveraging on secure, disruptive yet easily adoptable technology and resources, these founders developed SeekWiz – an IoT driven application that is also a generic location sharing broker with specific solutions spun out, seamlessly & securely enabling various location sharing and consuming scenarios.

And on 17th August 2015, they founded Sigmapeiron Technologies that believes in delivering real-time solutions to make life easier with its various products, relevant to its niche and requirement.

What Exactly is SeekWiz?

SeekWiz Student Mobility:

In recent times, schools are in immediate need to equip their transportation facilities with cutting edge technology and there’s a greater need to keep a firm grip on the transportation facilities that are rolled out to children. Vulnerable social environment has prompted parent to keep their family members informed during their travel, daily commute etc.

SeekWiz is an end-to-end solution to equip school transport facilities with cutting edge technology. With SeekWiz, a school bus can be located anytime, anywhere. From having precise timestamps on the exact location, this technology provides a descriptive and live status to officials of the entire ecosystem of their transport. Involving parents into the scenario takes this high-end product to the next level by making it available to each household on a global level.

And that’s not even all! SeekWiz also has another layer of services to it.

SeekWiz Employee Mobility:

A solution is targeted towards corporate organizations providing transport facility towards their employees. There are many important pain points that needs immediate attention like ensuring vehicle compliance, women safety, automation of manual work of scheduling and rostering, lack of firm grip on transport eco system, etc.

SeekWiz Employee Mobility exactly solves these problems with a combination of SeekWiz mobile app and enterprise dashboard. The live mobile app allows employees to track the arrival and departure of vehicles with custom trigger and alerts, whereas the SeekWiz enterprise dashboard allows company to maintain trip history, vehicle compliance documentation, create 24×7 shifts and automate cab/bus scheduling and rostering.

How is the response of the market towards SeekWiz?

Designed for Student Mobility, SeekWiz is present in prominent schools in Pune. The parents have been giving some descriptive feedbacks. According to them, SeekWiz:

  • Addresses uncertainty of the whereabouts of children in transit in real-time.
  • Customized notifications to parents about the arrivals and departures of the bus.
  • Prevents long wait time for pickup & drop as vehicle movement can be seen real-time at parent’s app.
  • Emergency broadcasts of important message to all or a group of selected parents from an authentic source.

As for the employee mobility of the product, the response has been overwhelming as well. With major clients covering over 35 corporate companies in Pune, with an app user base of 15,000 above the following are the statistics of the success of the application:

  • 50,000+ kms tracked daily
  • 1000+ routes are monitored daily using SeekWiz Mobility Solution
  • 1000+ tracked vehicles
  • 10k+ app users

The founders of Sigmapeiron have an interesting take on each other and are better known as:

  • Bhushan Bhagwat (from left), an ITIL Expert. At Sigmapeiron, he is “The get it done” guy managing operations and sales, Founder & COO.
  • Shrikant Sawant, “the beacon” providing a clean sense of direction to the team, Founder & CEO,
  • Prasun Nair or “The Jack of all trades” and plays his part to push the envelope further everyday be it technical, operations or support field, Founder & Head Product Development.
  • Chandu Mohan, “The grounded one” who applies the “Reality” filter to all plans. Besides spearheading the web app development, he also manages the engineering resources for predictable execution, Founder & VP Engineering.

With a team of 11-50 members, this company is inching towards INR One Crore Per Annum. Well, with unique products as such that caters to the needs of every person, this startup can be the start of a change that has huge possibilities in the mobility sector in the coming times.

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