Mr. Nikhilesh Tiwari may call it the Saigon moment when he literally realized that working for years in the typical corporate world was not bringing any value addition, learning or challenging opportunities to his work. It was then that he hit the ground running and co-founded what today is known to be Helical Insight– an open source business intelligence framework powered by machine learning.

“Using Helical Insight companies can make sense out of their myriad and complex business data and derive insights, thus allowing them to make better business decisions. Helical Insight not only provides out-of-the-mill features such as email scheduling, multi-tenant environment, variety in visualization, slicing & dicing, mobile BI etc. but it also empowers end users to add functionalities on the go using their in-house resources since it is completely API driven.” says Mr. Tiwari.

Nikhilesh Tiwari Helical
Mr. Nikhilesh Tiwari

Powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning, Helical Insight enables those whom we would call a layman in technological perspectives to just type their queries and get immediate business responses. It is also the first tool in business intelligence space that comes with an in built workflow which consents businesses to implement their own custom business processes very easily using this tool.

Helical Insight is an open source Business Intelligence platform powered by machine learning.  Helical Insight is a B2B product using which companies can connect to their data source and fetch insights from it. These insights could be in the form of reports, dashboards, geographical dashboards, infographs, what-if analysis etc. Helical Insight provides multiple methods of this data analysis creation like using Instant BI which is powered by machine learning, Adhoc component and the third method is using EFW backend method.


This Hyderabad based business framework was launched on the 15th day of June, 2015. Currently, it serves to 6 different customers from various domains that use Helical’s production environment. With strength of 50, the team primarily consists of people who aid in the product development. Envisioning Helical Insight to be the world’s leading Open source BI Company at the forefront of technological innovation, this initiative is formerly bootstrapped. But few years down the line, the co-founders are planning to raise the funding of the products. Helical Insight is being sold to customers on a license basis. Customers can either purchase the cloud version or the on premise version license. Despite of being in the beta mode, Helical Insight has bagged commendable responses from its various clients including Radiant Sage, GridEdge Technologies, Envision Global Leadership, Pathways Community Network, K12 ology.

What sets Helical apart is its Instant BI component which is powered by machine learning, API Driven Framework and Inbuilt Workflow. Meanwhile, the co-founders also had to embrace Adoption of new product, Employee hiring and retention as few of the major adversities while establishing Helical Insight. And against all the odds, the Helical Insight team has set up a goal of partnership and funding at a larger scale in the near future.

Way to go Helical…

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