SHEROES, the communities for women platform to acquire Bangalore-based women’s health app Maya. This helps SHEROES become the deepest women’s platform, globally, with over 14 million members, poised to reach 100 million in due course. The platform continues building its “women-only spaces on the internet” narrative – also termed as women’s internet.

SHEROES Acquires Maya

Founded by John Paul, Maya enables women to keep track of their health via a mobile application. Women world over use Maya to track their cycles, monitor related symptoms, set health reminders, monitor pregnancy and connect with health experts. The platform is accessible in 14 international and vernacular languages (including Hindi and Tamil), and is actively used by women users in over 20 countries.

Commenting on the acquisition, Sairee Chahal, Founder-CEO of SHEROES, said, “The SHEROES platform is one of the safest, most constructive spaces on the Internet for women, and as our community grows, we continuously seek ways to create more value for our members. Health is one of our fastest growing communities on the SHEROES app, and adding Maya to our bouquet of products, helps us strengthen our offering in this space. SHEROES is committed to building the women’s internet – an experience which helps women find advice, community, resources and opportunity.

Safety, high trust, high empathy are core values to SHEROES and Maya, and this acquisition is a natural alignment of a collective vision – to support women sans judgement.

Maya with its feature-rich platform, has been a game-changer in health tech, offering diagnostic tests, online doctor consultations, fertility predictions and pregnancy tracking. SHEROES, as a complete ecosystem for women, stands to gain from Maya’s product and platform. The founder John will help us enhance our product leadership.”

Maya’s journey began in 2014, with the intention of leveraging consumer tech to positively influence women’s health. The app, available on iOS, Android and Windows, has a sleek, quirky user interface, and additionally, offers premium features that can be access via in-app purchases. Users actively record monthly cycles, associated symptoms, and trace out a pattern to help them manage their menstrual health.

“Approximately 70% of all reproductive issues in women are caused due to poor menstrual health. In India, women still use manual methods to track their health. Taking advantage of smartphone access in the remotest corners, Maya equips women to manage their health better using a smartphone.

I now also see the SHEROES community playing a role in evangelising a constructive narrative around women’s health. We can’t reimagine women’s internet without women’s health, and the opportunities in counselling, commerce and creativity that the SHEROES platform provides,” observes John Paul, Founder of Maya.

The SHEROES platform aims to emerge as the world’s most transformative women’s platform, with a vision to touch the lives of 100 million women in the next 36 months.

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