Rachit and Piyush were sitting at a cafe in London, celebrating the success of their first venture. It was during this trip that the Indian Students Association invited them to talk about career development to a group of Indian students. They realized how most of them had little or no idea about their future career and had been inappropriately guided into choosing the wrong course or a substandard university. Subsequently, on returning to India, they interviewed many more students who had gone for abroad studies and discovered the lack of adequate information. Determined to provide unbiased and structured guidance to students, AdmitKard was started to change the USD 10bn overseas education industry in India.

Since the internet is easily accessible in India today, they devised the idea of creating an online platform to connect millions of students to a large number of universities globally including those in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and many more. AdmitKard is an internet-based platform, where students can apply to thousands of universities and colleges abroad.

The platform is based on data-backed algorithms which suggest the students the best possible universities according to their profile and preference. With a unique “AI+Social” approach, they use intelligent counselling assistant, Eric, and a network of current students to resolve the queries of the students. With a completely online process and a strong knowledge base, AdmitKard is disrupting this industry dominated by conventional brick-and-mortar players.

Fire starters of AdmitKard

AdmitKard Founders
AdmitKard Founders

Rachit is a computer science graduate from IIIT Allahabad and has done his MBA from IIM Calcutta. He has also studied from Francois Rabelias in France and is a firm believer in the power of education. Since the time when he worked with Microsoft and Adobe, he understands that by providing good guidance and direction, every student can achieve their dreams.

Piyush is an alumnus of top institutes of IIT Roorkee, IIM Bangalore, KTH Sweden and Tsinghua University China and has worked in many countries. He values education and has interacted with students of various top-class global universities. He has a passion to help students understand their capabilities and utilise them to the fullest.

Making study abroad easier

The vision behind AdmitKard was that every student should be able to get admission in the best possible institution on the basis of his or her potential. The elements of standardization and personalization on the same platform make it different from others. The data-backed algorithm which provides information to students is unbiased and fully automated so that it functions without any lapse. The unique profiles of students are matched with courses and universities to provide the best matching option to the student.

The determination of being the harbinger of change and having a profound impact on people’s lives brings out advanced and unique ways to solve problems. AdmitKard is using the latest artificial intelligence technologies to create chat assistants for students which provide details about universities, courses, scholarships and the criteria for the application process. The students are always keen to know the actual experiences of others students who have studied abroad. AdmitKard provides aspiring students with the option to connect with Student Mentors (current students) for guidance and mentorship. Students also use the help of their mentors to apply using the single application form which covers 500+ universities. Wrapped together, this creates a seamless and integrated process for a student from the discovery of opportunity to final admission.

When Dreams turn into Reality

The visibility of AdmitKard’s influence in the education domain is becoming more noticeable day by day. One such heartening example is of Shivam, an engineering student, who has secured admission in Masters of Cyber Security program at Monash University, Australia.

Over the last two years, AdmitKard has guided over 10,000 students through their platform and has been gaining traction from colleges and schools in tier II cities. The team’s focus is to build a social network of students and turn billions of dreams into reality.

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