6 Lessons Every First Time Entrepreneur Should Know

Every first time entrepreneur faces lots of hurdles while starting up. They don’t find the right team, right people who can mentor them, don’t have money and mostly inexperienced which pushes them back.

Entrepreneurs are not born to follow the old and same rules which everyone is following for years. They find their own way out for all the problems. Few things every first time  entrepreneur should realize and learn:

1. Think Out Of The Box

You never know how much productive you are unless you go out of your comfort zone. Always keep in mind that you are more capable of doing things than you think. Just give it a try.

2. Surround Yourself With Like-minded People

This is one of the best things to increase an entrepreneur’s productivity. When you are surrounded by like-minded people who inspire and help you in every aspect of your business, you become more active and focused towards your goal. This helps to solve every problem that comes on the way very efficiently.

3. Know Your Customers’ Need

No matter how good and innovative your product or service is, no one will buy if they don’t need it or feel like they are not getting any benefit out of it. Hence before converting your idea to a real product, do a deep market research and jot down the pain points of your targeted customers. At last it’s the customers who are going to get you the money.

4. Build MVP And Get Feedback

Never miss an opportunity to pitch your product. Make a MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and go to all your potential customers. Ask them to test your product or service. Note down the feedback and take it seriously. It’ll help a lot while making the actual product.

5. Build A Team, the small – the sweet

Make a perfect team for your startup. Hire the best guys out there in your circle. Keep the team as small as possible, as small teams are more productive than lots of guys gossiping around and doing nothing. Keep the most talented and passionate people who give full dedication towards their work.

6. Pitching? Be A Story Teller

Seriously, no one cares about your projections, team members and blah blah. You have to craft a sweet little story to catch the attention. Stories have more impact on people than your projection and long project description. Tell what people actually want to hear. Make them feel the pain of your customers and how your product is a cure to that. Make them visualize how much your startup is worth.

There are no protocols or set of strict rules to be followed for starting up. Be you, be innovative and think out of the box. Find new ways to do things; don’t follow the old school strategies which have no chance of success.

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