SMS inbox is an important mode of communication given that all critical information is reported daily through messages. All bank transactions, credit/debit card transactions, flight bookings, movie bookings, bill payments, loyalty points, everything gets routed via SMS multiple times in a day. However, the SMS experience has not changed for so many years. With the growing trend of using Whatsapp, FB Messenger and other chat applications, users are now used to an impressive interface and more gratifying experiences. It is an evolved ecosystem and customer expectations are rising constantly. It is all about great engagement and user experience and therefore, to change the way that users, in general engage with their SMS inbox, SmartSMS, an AI (Artificial Intelligence) powered app was introduced in December 2017. The SmartSMS app developed by CoolBoots Media Pvt. Ltd., creates a superlative user experience by automatically organizing text messages without any manual input from users. It uses AI and Machine Learning principles to create a superior experience of a very important daily usage app.

As founders, Apurva Kumar, Nitin Tomar and Vivek Sony got together to create a focused product that incorporates smart features into an SMS app depending on the consumption pattern of the user. Essentially, SmartSMS looks at addressing the basic challenges users face with an SMS inbox – spam filtering along with streamlining and calendaring events and reminders. It boasts of an integrated financial planning tool that gives a comprehensive view of your finances across banks, cards and wallets. It creates custom labels and moves senders to the labels for easy access. It can also schedule messages to multiple users for a future date or time. You can backup messages to Google Drive and restore on any device with SmartSMS. It auto deletes spam or OTP messages (based on time) and gives a view of only unread messages.

Apurva Kumar, Founder, SmartSMS says,

Meet the Founder of SmartSMS: Apurv Kumar
Meet the Founder of SmartSMS: Apurv Kumar

Our team is constantly striving towards evolving the product and transforming it from being a valuable app to a preferred tool for daily transactions. We are looking at innovative ways to make the app more productive for our users and are regularly adding new features. We understand our customer needs and are here to provide best-in-class experiences. The app facilitates a detailed personal finance manager for transacting users that will help them track and manage their finances better. It also efficiently tracks online orders and returns making life easier for e-shoppers. With the use of AI, the app can seamlessly integrate with the device calendar and give reminders on upcoming events, auto generate itineraries for travellers, track travel spends and share smart suggestions based on expense pattern and more.

Apurva further added,

Besides these, there are a lot of features that SmartSMS is currently exploring such as creating personalized themes, quick notes, smart watch compatibility, creating a complete chat app and managing the SMS inbox on the web. We plan to introduce the new features soon to further enhance the Best SMS Inbox experience.

Currently, SmartSMS enjoys a high and consistent Google PlayStore rating of 4.8 (highest in the category of apps trying to organize the SMS Inbox) with a considerable high retention rate (Day 30 organic retention of 55%). With over 350k downloads, the app has about 30,000 daily active users with an average time spent is 21+ minutes per user, per day. SmartSMS intends to build a large and highly engaged community of users who will spend over 60+ minutes daily by 2020. The team stays focussed on the product by introducing more and more features and enhancing the SMS inbox. With detailed user personas and data insights available SmartSMS is equipped with state-of-the-art targeting to pitch products and solutions to the transacting audiences.

The Founders of the app believe that users are the real product managers who help in the progress of product development with their suggestions and feedback. By automatically categorizing personal & transactional messages, effectively blocking spam, dedicated sections to track daily finances, upcoming events, bill payments, travel itineraries and more, SmartSMS is paving its way to be the Best SMS Inbox.

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