We all know how fitness industry is changing ever and with that there have been increase of various fitness trackers and smart bands. What if we told you, your fitness tracker offered you more than fitness? Well an Indian startup is redefining the wearable industry with their new innovative talkband.

SoulFit Sonic, the world’s First ever Talkband with Heart rate Sensor. It is a mixture of Apple airpod and Fitbit. You don’t believe, look it for yourself.

Soulfit Talkband

Brandworks Technologies Private Limited, a company which is into the retail business of innovative wearable gadgets, has launched SoulFit Sonic, the First ever Talkband with Heart rate Sensor.

We also found out how mobile phones effects human body and causes cancers and tumours. The US government conducted 25 million dollar study to understand, how exactly mobile radiations causes harm tour body and causes cancer. There is also a study which says that using cell phone even for half an hour per day increases the risk of brain tumour by 40%.

Scientists say texting or using a phone alternative is a wise way to reduce all these radiations. We also studied how mobile and smartphones have become integral part of our life. Sonic is an alternative, which can be helpful for consumers and won’t affect their health much. The SAR value of Sonic is very less as compared to mobile phones.

Founders Mr. Ishwar Kumhar’s and his wife’s aim was to come up with a device that is an epitome of both technology and fitness.  They wanted to come up with a smartwatch which was not only a fitness band but was also a combination of art and technology.  A smartwatch with music and a quality Bluetooth earpiece, with the ultimate goal of assisting users reach their fitness goals.

After years of research and after visiting various countries across the world, they have come up with a fitness tracker called SoulFit Sonic which goes beyond the simple tracking of the daily activities and heart rate. Some of its features are automatic activity tracking, sleep monitoring, and crystal-clear hands-free calling. This fitness tracker is available on the company’s official website and other e-commerce marketplaces like Flipkart. It will be soon launched on Amazon.

The company has invested a considerable amount of time in designing the fitness tracker and bringing in a premium unisexual design that is both comfortable and elegant at the same time.  It’s a sleek matte black band with a compact and a well-engineered body accommodating a Bluetooth device which doubles as a 0.96’’ OLED screen.  It also has an easy to push button right below the screen which helps in detaching the ear pod from the band. On swiping across the OLED screen, one comes across various panels showing information such as steps taken, calories burnt, blood pressure, heart rate summary and other notifications.

The functions of the band are quite fascinating. It is equipped with an actigraph, accelerometer which non-evasively monitors sleep, human rest and activity cycles. It has a built-in heart rate and blood pressure monitor with OSRAM sensors that tracks heart rates all throughout the day as well as measures real time blood pressure level.  One needs to feed in the basic details like age, height, gender and weight so that it can reckon the distance travelled, the calories burned and the quality of the sleep accurately.

The band is IP54 splash and dust resistant, making it suitable for everyday use.  It can play music, courtesy to the 2mm speakers in the Bluetooth piece. Using GPS tracking on the band, one can also find ones phone with its ‘Find your phone’ feature.

The audio quality of the ear pod is very good. The voice is very clear and audible even while you are walking.  Your steps can also be counted while you use it as a Bluetooth. Your phones notifications are also displayed when you pair it with your smartphone. Battery life of the band is around 72 hours which is fabulous compared to other smart watches.

Check out the video for more :-


Thus, SoulFit Sonic is the best fitness tracker with a Bluetooth device and an earpiece. It is not exaggeratedly priced. It has a rare combination of fitness and lifestyle utility which you would not get in any other wearable. You can avail the Sonic Talkband HR from their website or Flipkart.com



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