The fun fact is that, let it be Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, all the social media networks make you share everything except the money they garner from the contents you post.

Everyone these days is indulged in social media right from young kids to corporate people to senior citizens. On an average, users aged between 15 to 19 spend at least 3 hours per day on social media. This age group mostly consists of students who spend their time on social media, creating contents and ultimately generating revenues for them.

Most of us still have to find out that these social media companies use our information to feed us the targeted ads and collect billions of dollars from advertising.

Spiker, a New Delhi based next generation social media network has come up with a different strategy, it promises to share the revenue generated by the user curated contents with them. It aims to change the social networking outlook by providing a social payment platform where people post valuable content and get paid for their social activities. basically consolidates your different social media accounts like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter to your Spiker account and pays for every post you make, every like you get and also for the videos you share and blogs you write.

Brain child of Dr. Preeti Pawar and Harmeet Oberoi, a highly experienced professionals in Education and IT industry, Spiker shares 70% of the advertisement revenue generated from user posted contents like pictures, articles, stories etc. The more active you are on social media, the more you earn through this platform. And once your content goes viral, the earning opportunity grows.

There will be other moneymaking opportunities for users like product/app paid surveys, referral payout (invite friends) and social activities contests. Also, Spiker consolidates all social accounts on one platform, which will help the users to manage all their accounts from one place.

The social network is yet to launch on September 1st this year and currently serves as invite only platform.  Registration invitation code will be sent to only limited random users so it is recommend that don’t wait and apply today for your invitation code on Spiker.

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