Serial entrepreneurs build up a lot of wisdom over the course of their business journey. They soon discover what works in any entrepreneurial venture and what doesn’t. Many have experience in starting new ventures and others in turning around older operations.

In most cases, the success and failure of an enterprise depends on knowing what action to take next. It’s about plotting out a clear path to short and long term profitability. It is, essentially, a process that requires getting off on the right foot.

Here, we’re going to discuss how to get off to a strong start in business.

Always Sell What People Want, Not What You Want To Sell


Some businesses think that they have to recreate the wheel if they want to be a successful player in the market. They believe that they have to offer a product that is entirely different from their competitors if they want to grab market share. But is this true?

The problem with this tactic is that in most cases the market has already arrived at a set of products that consumers want. Take the shoe industry, for instance. New startups might think that the market is saturated and that they need to do something radically different. They might, therefore, decide that they have to make shoes that are 3D printed with exotic materials. It’s an innovative idea. But, from a business perspective, it’s unlikely to make them a lot of money. The reason? It’s so different to what consumers are used to, and the benefits are unknown. A better tactic is to find a niche and double down on that.

Find Ways To Keep Costs Low

Setting up a new company can be expensive. But as points out, it needn’t cost a fortune. The best way to save costs, in the beginning, is to never buy retail. Retail products have big markups over wholesale and end up costing you a fortune. Always be on the lookout for lightly used items from other businesses to deck out your office. They’re way less expensive that going and buying stuff new.

Also, don’t use vendor finance schemes, if you can help it. Vendors are always looking for new ways to extract money from businesses. Their schemes might seem like a good deal in the short term, but you’ll be paying more overall. Pay vendors up front in full as this will put you in a strong negotiating position.

Look For Ways To Increase Profits Exponentially

Part of starting off strong in business is about having a plan for long-term profitability. Ideally, you’d like your profitability to be exponential, according to This involves taking a number of steps over time. The first is to increase the price point of your products to increase profit margins. The next is to find ways to generate and convert more leads. Then there’s looking for ways to get existing customers to buy from you more often. And finally, it’s about re investing your surplus cash into generating more sales. Once you’ve done this, you’ll start to see your business take off.

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