When we hear the word ‘weddings’ the first thing that comes to our minds is either of these: happy faces of the bride and groom, lots of food and of course, a great weekend getaway! Well, quite uniquely when it comes to weddings, they can all be done in varied numbers of ways, but still mean the same thing. But, what about the times when you have a wedding at your place? Not that fun, right? We have all gone through the same – the new beginning in the lives of your loved ones depends upon the responsibilities laid on you. But, wait there’s actually a startup that has been gauging the pulse of the domestic and international markets to bring out utility gift items that has the perfect blend of our tradition & contemporary aesthetics – all at the most competitive rates, quality, just at a click of your mouse, across the world. Today, at the Startup Journal we are talking about Gifting Best Wishes – the place you need to know before any wedding at your place!

What exactly is Gifting Best Wishes?

Gifting Best Wishes believes in curating items essential in a wedding for its décor, packaging, design and gifting – based on various cultural values rooting from the diverse geographical boundaries. From having over 500 products online, ranging from a variety of colors to the themes, this startup has transformed the scare of organising weddings into an artwork shopping that everyone would love to explore. You can shop for personalised wedding baskets, Shagun envelopes, clutches, potli bags, packaging materials, door hangers, etc in innumerable options in the manufacturing material, designs and built based upon the theme of your big-fat Indian wedding.

Meet the founder of Gifting Best Wishes: Aditi Sharma
Meet the founder of Gifting Best Wishes: Aditi Sharma

Aditi Sharma, the founder of Gifting Best Wishes shares how it was during her pregnancy that the inception of this idea took place and she quit her job in American Express in Gurgaon and commenced the groundwork. She believes that it was the best of both worlds for her as she gleamed in her daughter’s arrival at the perfect timing! Hailing from Delhi herself, Aditi has had first-hand experience in realizing that in weddings, every single detail counts and a small touch of personalization can give a whole new aesthetics to the Indian rituals and customs. Gifting Best Wishes has been every wedding planner’s first choice as they deliver quality at the least turnaround time even for bulk orders internationally.

Started in 2017 at Delhi and Jaipur, with a team size of 15 people, Gifting Best Wishes has made its mark through its work across the world and has made some great tie-ups with renowned event planners across India in less than six months of its operation. From having a regular clientele based from Malaysia, Singapore, London, US, Canada , Australia and Africa, their products recently got exhibited in the renowned National Exhibition Wedding Show in London, and received tremendous response.

All of this couldn’t have been possible without my friends and family – specially my husband Aayush Bhargava. Aayush had the business aptitude and I had the creative thought process. Put together, it was a lethal combination and blend of both mind and heart. While I think creatively in the venture, Aayush commercializes and together we convert.

Where shall Gifting Best Wishes be in the next five years?

Being self-funded startup that maintained a model of minimal inventory in a quick delivery turnaround, profits started pouring in soon and in just four months in business. Soon they were able to cross the annual turnover of INR 2 Million. The sales are designed to cater to the customers globally through the website, and in case of bulk orders, customers can contact them directly. Amazon has also been a constant channel for revenue generation for this ambitious startup that visualises to dominate the international market for weddings all across the globe.

A startup that’s purely based from passion and only a year old, Gifting Best Wishes has pulled off many previously considered impossible tasks by being the next biggest global online market place for wedding shopping and gifting solutions and by the looks of it, global domination in the field seems to be a soon-to-be-true dream of Aditi.

All the best!

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