Gone are the days when dressing was all about looking good and following the latest trends. According to the famous Italian designer Miuccia Prada, “What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today, when human contacts are so quick. Fashion is instant language.” True to the words, apparels and accessories have now become a statement and needless to say that technology has a huge role to play in today’s fashion alert!

Versatyl – What makes it World’s First Innovative Apparel Destination?

We bet you have heard about World’s lightest jacket or World’s first ‘fan cooled’ multi utility jacket, but haven’t actually thought about it until now, isn’t it? Well, seems that we’re not the only ones obsessed with it rather being recognised by Guiness Book of World records these are just only two of what more Versatyl by Emirates Fashion has to offer! Based in Bangalore, India this startup is one of the most successful fashion apparel startups in India and currently has a workforce of 40 hardworking people onboard.

Meet the founder, CEO and chief designer - Mr. Saneen Javali
Meet the founder, CEO and chief designer – Mr. Saneen Javali

It all started when an Ex-IBM Engineer, Saneen Javali who quit his job in 2010 and decided to start a garment manufacturing company simply for his love of business that would produce apparels which would work on air, on boat, or while trekking in an innovative way and having an edge that isn’t seen in majority of apparels on the face of the earth, let alone India!

Investment being the major obstacle to overcome, but thanks to crowd funding, Versatyl rose rapidly after going live on 25th November 2016; through the rat race and soon came into the spotlights of the traditional online selling marketplaces like Amazon and Flipkart and now sells at least 50 items in a day! The clientele covers technology giants like Cisco, IBM, Oracle who gave massive orders for the jackets!

Game-Changing Apparels By Versatyl:

Versatyl Feather - World’s lightest jacket weighing only 179 grams is also water-resistant
Versatyl Feather – World’s lightest jacket weighing only 179 grams is also water-resistant

Versatyl Feather: The jacket that has become the talk of the town, World’s lightest jacket weighing only 179 grams is also water-resistant. Recognised by the ‘World Record India’, this innovative jacket has a hoodie, a pocket and comes wrapped in its very own little pouch that fits in the palm of your hand. With more than 10k pieces delivered to happy customers, it’s a must-try!

Versatyl Air - World's First FAN COOLED Jacket
Versatyl Air-World’s First FAN COOLED Jacket

The Versatyl Air Jacket or “World’s First FAN COOLED Jacket” raised the bar of jackets through the world. With built-in super quiet, super powerful fans and a power bank and twenty additional features, the Air is a must have. This jacket will keep you warm in the winters and cool in the summers, making it perfect for the tropics!

Versatyl Switch - World’s first reversible sleeveless jacket with built in RFID protection
Versatyl Switch – World’s first reversible sleeveless jacket with built in RFID protection

Versatyl Switch is the world’s first reversible sleeveless jacket With built in RFID pockets which ensure that your credit card, debit card and passport are secured and cannot be compromised by high tech skimmers and digital theft. The jacket has 11 hidden pockets that allow you to carry all your essentials like phone, wallet, keys, iPad, passport, power bank all in one go! Such a keeper!

World's First Reversible Multi-way wearable jacket
World’s First Reversible Multi-way wearable jacket

Versatyl’s Reverso is the World’s First Reversible Multi way wearable T-shirt. The Reverso T-shirt can be worn in 4 different ways, essentially, ensuring that you get 4 unique, colourful T-shirts all wrapped in one amazing package. The entire T-shirt is made up of double layered fabric panels, ensuring its styling and elegance as well as being light on your pockets.

And the showstopper,

Versatyl Multi Utility Travel Jacket
Versatyl Multi Utility Travel Jacket

Versatyl’s water-resistant Travel Jacket, was the first offering put up by the brand. This multi-utility travel jacket with 18 pockets and 29 unique features was an immediate hit and really got the public’s attention right from the get go. The jacket has risen over INR 3.5 Million in crowd funding and is still going strong on major online shopping sites!

In 2018, when everything around the world is a gift of technology why not make our second skin a tech-savvy too? After all, what’s fashion without a touch of science! Order yours now at: https://www.versatylwear.com/



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