When it comes to the stock market, there’s usually a lot of speculation and high level of expertise in the stock market field. Though it may sound easy, it is actually not. In times like these, there are only a handful of people you can trust with your money, time and patience. Built on the same lines, Streetgains – a startup from Bangalore that can help you fix all your stock market queries with some of their best stock analysts known for their insights and expertise.

Streetgains: Creation

There has been a lot of unregistered and unrecognized individuals by the SEBI who are delivering advisory across the nation at the cost of your money and time. This results in the end user losing faith in advisory services, as it requires impeccable knowledge to get around stocks and investment. It was because of this that Santhosh Kumar V started Streetgains to serve the retail traders, support in their trading activities as well as ensure good research to being the best research firm in the country.

Meet the founder: Santhosh Kumar V
Meet the founder: Santhosh Kumar V

Streetgains expertise in Stocks and Commodity Markets research with categorized investors and traders based on the trading segments like NSE, BSE, and MCX. Speaking about Streetgains, Santosh says: There is a lot of discrepancies that have been around the current stock market scenario in India. Because of this ever-growing bottleneck problem, I thought of Streetgains – a Stock Market Research with Entry-Exit targeting for Gains. I have never prepared my CV to apply for any job. Since post my graduation, I was looking for an opportunity as an entrepreneur, and then this showed up.

Future Targets:

Starting in January 2016, Streetgains now have a team of 10 members and have come a long way in their journey. Having the main clientele as options traders, this bootstrapped startup has now over 26,000+ customers including traders and all subscribers.It looks like that this startup is on a roll as it is now working with many traders on a successful research model.

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