There have been many significant updates in the wellness industry worldwide, starting with Google incorporating digital wellness in its applications to the rise in the culture of wellness co-working space across the globe. That being said,  the technology that goes beyond the everyday working of such centers we’re hardly considered and as a result things weren’t any good there. From having archaic methods of tracking, maintaining and engaging records to bugged software, the salons and spas no matter which brand they represent we’re all struggling on the same grounds. Today, at The Startup Journal,  we are talking about MioSalon that provides the solution to this long-overlooked issue as well as sets the customer experience bar high.

How correctly does MioSalon work?

MioSalon – an online Spa and Salon software that manages an all-around working of the institution believes in delivering exceptional customer experience, build the new customer base,  pilferage control, and data theft as well as contributing value to the brand name of the respective salon and spa. The software includes various features like:

  • Color-coded Appointment scheduling calendar with automated reminders.
  • Complete POS solution for services, products, gift cards, membership, prepaid options, packages, etc. with seamless integration to billing hardware.
  • Online booking widget for Facebook and other websites.
  • Email and SMS Marketing options
  • Dynamic Customer Feedback system
  • Analytics and insightful reports on sales, clients, staff, and inventory.
  • The detailed client, staff and inventory management plus API to Accounting Software XERO and QuickBooks, MailChimp, etc.

Based in Chennai, this startup is a team of 14 professionals and has its sales support headquarters in Lewes, Delaware, USA.

How did MioSalon come into existence?

Meet the CEO of MioSalon: Santhana Selvam
Meet the CEO of MioSalon: Santhana Selvam

Mrs. Santhana Selvam,  CEO, and Co-Founder of MioSalon found out about the massive loophole in the operation of the beauty industry and wanted to deliver an end-to-end platform for SME’s to connect,  reward and retain for their customers. However, currently, around 80% of the market is filled with startup salons that can’t afford costly solutions. Having worked in Cognizant for about eight years and heading Product Development by herself. The two Co-Founders, Singaravelu Suburayam and Shankar Krishnamoorthy (who also is the CEO of Synergita and Co-Founder of Aspire Systems) have more than 40 years of experience in building scalable technology that handles billions of transactions per day.

Santhana Selvam recalls of having own bitter experiences at times and identifying the market demand for an online solution that would enable seamless day-to-day operations, pivoted on a cloud-based software focusing entirely on customer experience and retention as the core component.

After struggling because of the legacy of POS vendors in the crowded cities of India as well as the lack of awareness and usage of SAAS business solutions in salons and spas, MioSalon was launched finally on 15th March 2016.

Is MioSalon perceived well in the market?

With extensive domestic clients like Tatva Group of Spas, Sohum Spa and international clientele extended to Cryo Australia, MioSalon has a long way to go because of its sleek software solution as well as of its affordable packages starting at $10/month and the premium price at $52/month per 7 staff and above. The pricing model is based on the store to chain outlets with hundreds of stores.

Focusing more on India and international market and starting presence in ten countries, aiming 30% of revenue from global market by the end of this year with the pricing as $10, looks like it’ll emerge as a game changer in the international market in the coming times!

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