Tell us what do you like more? Reading blogs or watching videos/movies? For us, it’s both. Won’t it be great if all your favorite blogs could be made into videos that you can watch anytime you want, even if you’re at work and need motivation in between a long Monday? Well, today at The Startup Journal we’re talking about Studiotale, a startup that builds your brand name with its impressive videos as well as jaw-dropping landing page designs for your websites!

How exactly does Studiotale Work?

In today’s world, time is money. People hardly have the time to stand by and read a few lines that would help them know their world a bit better. Studiotale bridges the gap between the unknown and you, thereby creating descriptive and engaging videos, giving you an all-round experience about the brands, as well as building a brand image that helps companies convert their visitors into customers, increase their traffic and help in overall growth. And that’s not all of it, these videos also cater to help in creating an investor pitch by giving a creative explanation about the business, ultimately giving more lead conversions than those long sales calls!

The USP at Studiotale is the presence of a great creative team, that comes up with unique concepts for every artwork they create. Understanding the target audience as well as the brand guidelines, this startup assures to provide originality and creativity in anything they do. There are truly no limits to imagination and they believe in it!

Curated specifically to suit every client’s needs, Studiotale provides numerous alterations to their work because a client’s satisfaction is what matters most to them.

Forming a great bond with their clients, their work is refined to perfection. Also, their videos are indeed helpful in boosting the client’s returns to new heights, which is what they strive to deliver.

There are basically three broad services provided by Studiotale to choose from:

  1. Animated Explainer videos: These videos are basically most crucial to every company aimed at simplifying a brand’s message, while also using a great concept and memorable animated visuals to explain the same. Studiotale assures that these videos are crafted perfectly and engagingly, thereby keeping the viewers hooked to the video.
  2. Demo videos: Demo videos are useful for new employees, onboard new users or anybody that wants to identify the functioning of a product or service. They act as a step-by-step guide to the usage of a particular product or service. Handy, right?
  3. Landing page designs: With unique illustrations and creative concepts, Studiotale develops great designs for a website’s landing page. Only taking inspiration from the existing designs and ideas, Studiotale without a doubt sets the bars very high.

 How did Studiotale Happen?

It has a rather interesting story. It all started when the founder,  Koushik Marka, having a demonstrated history of working in the video production industry, decided to start a mobile app named ‘Scootr’ that provided information about local businesses around the user. He also, in that process created an explainer video describing the working and relevance of the app. Even though the app didn’t quite hit off in the market, the video turned out to be a revelation for Koushik. And that’s exactly when the thought of video making caught his attention. After taking up a few orders for animated explainer videos, voila! Studiotale was born! From there, there was no looking back!

Koushik has strong entrepreneurship & professional skills with expertise in Vector Illustration, 2D Animation, Motion Graphics and Digital Marketing. In an exclusive conversation with The Startup Journal, he says about his motivation to join the entrepreneurial race:

“I’m always eagerly excited to get creative and creating a business, and then involved in the art of growing it. It all means a deep interest to me, as well as the future vision and possibility that comes with it. I have always been comfortable with control. I like to enforce control over my outcomes and being an entrepreneur is the only way I can do that.”

Where will Studiotale be in the coming years?

Launched in August 2016 at Bangalore and Hyderabad, this bootstrapped startup has seven people in its team. The best part of StudioTale isn’t only about its creative videos or stunning designs but the fact that, being a startup themselves, they understand the importance of explainer videos. This is exactly why they are currently involved in creating explainer videos for SMEs and startups mostly.

But with time, they also wish to help large corporations as well. They have recently moved into creating landing page designs as well and has over 30% of international brands on their clientele list. StudioTale looks forward to growing as an international brand themselves with a hope to help companies across the globe with their services. But, being based in India, they wish to expand in the domestic market over the next few years, where there are endless possibilities when it comes to video production and brand building.

Currently working on their soon-to-be-launched Do-It-Yourself video creator – Zenvy, this application will give the power of easy video creation to everyone according to their requirements.

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