The well-known fact about India is its culture which tends towards respect, dignity and saving their moral policies at any cost, more than anything else in their life. In-spite of living in so advanced and modern culture, at times we show that we are still clinging to puritanical beliefs, explains Sumit Anand, Founder of LuvStay. LuvStay is a hotel aggregator, which helps unmarried couples to rent out rooms without any hassle. The very fact that holds for this start-up is the problem faced by young generation who are in love but are not able to express their love because of society and moral police who tend to be the guardian of Indian culture, especially for “Unmarried Couples”. Unmarried young couples often face attacks by self-appointed guardians of society and police for showing any gesture of love in public places.

The same unhealthy practice stops the hoteliers to provide room to unmarried couples with same local ID to spent time with their partner to know each other more and prepare themselves for the future engagement. As a result, the young couple always looks for some private place like a hotel room to spend peaceful time with each other. So Luvstay has emerged with a completely new idea after understanding the ‘Law’ of hotel industry. Something, the young couples have starved from past long.

Luvstay, a couple-friendly hotel aggregator, is set out to break taboos and change societal mindsets. Founded by Sumit Anand and Amardeep Khichi, this New Delhi based startup is onboarding hotels that are welcoming to unwed couples and ensure their safety and privacy. Conceived from an unpleasant personal experience of one of the founders, the team at Luvstay is fiercely determined to provide couples with a hassle-free access to spaces where they can be together without having to worry about discourteous staff, shady surroundings or hidden cameras. Most of the Hotels provide room on 24 hours charge but with Luvstay, being a hotel aggregator offers a hotel room for 10 hours with less and affordable price to couples. Not the end, Luvstay also provides a coffee table for your friends, pals, special ones, enjoy precious moments, relax or even enjoy reading along with hot cups. You know startups also kick off business plans here. So, no need to empty your wallets to the new office.

The Luvstay Team
The Luvstay Team

“We started collaborating with hotels by explaining them the ‘Indian constitution and its laws’ about two people of legal age (18+) with local Id can stay in one room and spent time with each other. With this, today we are present in 17 cities with over 100+ hotels listed on our website from all the parts of India. We receive over 3000 hits on our website each day, and we have recently achieved 2,000 bookings,” reveals Sumit – indeed a great traction in such a short span of launching.

With a team of 20 people across India to handle any situation and provide hassle-free stay to lovely cupids are available 24*7 including the co-founders Sumit Anand and Amardeep Khichi. The media part is on care with Big Social Media by Bhargav Trivedi and Pranjal Jain.

Hotels of Premium class such as The Fern, Four Points by Sheraton, etc. are also a part of Luvstay’s adventurous journey where ‘Every story is a luvstory’.

It feels good when cupids appreciate luvstay’s step of doing something for the new generation on grounds of love and relationship. The company is expanding to increase its reach and more user experience. Luvstay is becoming the most preferred platform for millions of couples who look for some privacy. To make the stay more comfortable and happening, Luvstay has added conveniences for couples such as flowers, cakes and gifts which will make them feel special in their special time. With changing the mentality of people towards unmarried couples “Luvstay is making every story a luvstory.

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