Have you ever wondered what are some of the key things that motivate people to join a startup? Is it the people, the workplace/environment, the perks, and/or the salary? It has been well established that salary alone is not enough to entice people to switch jobs. There are subtler things that prompt people to make the “big jump”. Here are some ideas that Bangalore based startup, Babajob.com uses to attract the best talent.

Corporate Environment

It starts with the corporate environment. People need to see your company as an exciting, creative, and innovative place to work in order to “opt-in”. Everybody likes to work in an office environment that is clean, has the basic amenities, and is a harmonious space to work in. If the office space happens to come with beautiful surroundings and interesting people that laugh and smile then it’s a bonus! Keep the work place interesting, lively, and exciting. Keep facilities clean and decluttered and you’re already off to a good start!

A Diverse Workforce

Hire with diversity in mind. Having a diverse workforce fosters creativity and varied thinking. When you have an employee community of mixed ages, genders, races and cultural backgrounds, this breeds a different kind of thinking  Employ people from different regions of India, and if your company is large enough, from around the globe. At Babajob, employees get to mix with a fusion of diverse races, cultures, sexes, and ages.

Babajob Team
Babajob Team
Employee Advocacy

Believe in, and encourage, employee advocacy. Employee advocacy is the promotion of an organization by its own staff. It’s much more meaningful for potential new hires, on the outside, to see employees of a company favorably and actively promote their own organization. It indicates that employees have a certain level of happiness, showing that they are willing to embrace the company and support it. Essentially, everyone in the company then becomes a recruiter. Employees can share emailers, blogs, videos, pictures, and various other pieces of communication with their social and professional circles.

For example, using employees to produce and share a video explaining the company will certainly attract a lot of good people.

The Double-sided Interview

Before actually contracting with a potential new hire it’s sometimes a great idea to have the candidate come in and spend a day, or a few hours, getting to know and mingle with the team that they are likely to be working with. It’s like a double-sided interview, whereby both sides get to engage in dialogue, and simultaneously interview each other to see if there is a good fit. The potential new employee gets a chance to decide if they like the city, company environment, and the people. The organization gets an opportunity to see how personalities mesh, iron out uncertainties, and clear up any reservations the candidate may have.

Provide a Clear Vision

At Babajob, every employee understands the importance of the mission and connects with the vision – that is to help aspiring workers find better jobs opportunities by providing them with a dignified livelihood. It is very important the vision is clearly stated to any potential hire. Give your employees an honest vision to work towards and solid leadership to shadow, and the rest will follow, including their decision to join you.

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