A technology that has been transforming the entire working space of various nations, blockchain hasn’t been widely known  in the Indian workspace until recently, when major banks like ICICI and software giant like Infosys slowly started taking interest in it. Though Indian blockchain developments usually don’t make it to the headlines and therefore is often overlooked, startups like AMBCrypto make sure that you get regular updates on every Blockchain happening across the country. Today at the Startup Journal, we are talking about how AMBCrypto, raised over three million page views in just three months after its launch.

The Blockchain is a distributed ledger technology that stores information across a number of systems enabling peer-to-peer transaction and thus making a trustworthy and secured storage system based on consensus and doesn’t need any entity for validation.

Though being fairly new to the Indian cosmos, there have been many developments going on about Blockchain in India. But because of the lack of a verified source that would keep up with the updates, the news generally ends up where it began only. That’s where AMBCrypto comes in and bridges the gap between technology and the ordinary people by providing genuine, accurate and hourly information about the latest developments across the nation about Blockchain and cryptocurrency since it has been observed that the common mass invest more in latest fintech rather than IT companies.

AMBCrypto is an independent cryptocurrency news publishing platform with a comprehensive ICO listing page, a dedicated real-time live cryptocurrency price ticker page and, a blog section. But, it didn’t just happen overnight. It was back in December 2017, when the cryptocurrency market took a huge leap with Bitcoin, the dominant cryptocurrency reaching its all-time high of $20,000. It was during this time that a huge chunk of the population actually became aware of the market and wanted to know more.

Meet the founders of AMBCrypto (from left): Jeevan & Himanshu
Meet the founders of AMBCrypto (from left): Jeevan & Himanshu

And so it happened that, Jeevan Thomas, the co-founder of AMBCrypto and Himanshu realized there was nobody providing relevant information about Blockchain that is relevant.

Speaking on which Jeevan told us: “The news that was available was either outdated or was highly technical which isn’t convenient for the common man to understand. Even though smaller cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and XRP started escalating, but nothing was being written about them either. And that’s how the idea of AMBCrypto to enter this space originated on February 1, 2018, in Bangalore.”

Having no prerequisite knowledge about Blockchain and cryptocurrency, these founders had to really work hard to set up this startup in the market.

What is AMBCrypto’s current status and what are the goals it is aiming for?

Being a non-funded, independent organization AMBCrypto had been perceived well in the market with major ICOs (Initial Coin Offering) like Nebulas, Viola, PeopleWaveICO, Gunbot, Binex.Trade and Trak Invest. In a span of just three months, AMBCrypto hit a monthly traffic of over a million on their website and currently has monthly pageviews exceeding three million. Various big-time news aggregators like Cryptopanic and Investing.com have been on-board with this young startup that has over 25 team members, who are mostly in their early 20s and are already venturing about technologies such as Blockchain.

With many innovative products in development, this startup is surely creating a ripple in the Indian cosmos about technologies that were previously lesser-known or misunderstood. Jeevan further went on record to say that:

“We want to create a portal with an ultimate objective of being able to present all facets of the information about media solutions to ICOs, investment and ICO advisor, crypto ads, and many more included in the blockchain and cryptocurrency domain.”

With World Bank drafting bonds relying on Blockchain, it can be said that this revolutionary technology is the future. With startups like AMBCrypto, we finally would be able to keep up as well as understand the complete perspective about the developments that are taking place in India and work together for a common future.

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