How many times has it happened to you that while you’re browsing online, you’ve come across an article about an intriguing place and made a mental note to read about it later or pay the place a visit in real-time, but then never actually gotten around to doing so? Or perhaps, you can’t recall the name of the bar you wished you had read about, but never did. As for us, we have lost count of the number of times this has happened.

Folks at MapPost have developed an app for you that lets you literally post all the coolest places to the map to make sure you can come straight back to them without racking your brain to recall the names, or needing to scroll through Google Places to hunt for that specific cafe!

What is MapPost? How Does it Work?


MapPost is a free app that saves the destinations that are intriguing to you by pinning articles containing location-based content to your own personal map, at the locations described in the articles. Now, saving the articles to a map makes things easier, as not only is it the best way to save location-based content, but also it provides insights about the place at the same time. These locations and motivating articles are available right at your fingertips, with just a couple of clicks, on your own personal map.

The uniqueness of MapPost lies in its innovative and personalized solution for curating location-based articles under a single platform, as well as its ease of use for saving and retrieving that location-based content you’re looking for, but has slipped your mind.

How did the inception of MapPost Take Place?

Meet the Founder of MapPost: David Payne
Meet the Founder of MapPost: David Payne

According to David Payne, the founder of MapPost, it all started because of his frustration with saving articles online about places that he wanted to check out, and then not being able to find the article several months later. He says

One too many times it has happened to me that I was searching for an article I had saved about a great destination I wanted to visit, and was unable to find the article. Several days later as I was chatting with a colleague of mine about the problem, we realized we suffered the same problem. At that moment I made the decision to do something about it.

It occurred to David that since the content both he and his colleague were interested in was location-based, it just made sense that the best way to save it was by pinning it to a map! And there, the solution was right there in front of them! And thus, MapPost was founded on July 2018 in Portland, Oregon, USA by David Payne, MJ Lin and Lynn Lin. Just like any other startup, this bootstrapped startup faced the problem of how to get the word out to everyone that might benefit from the app.

What is the current status of MapPost and what are its future goals?

The best part about MapPost is that since its launch, there has been a lot of buzz around it. As it is a free app accessible to all users, founder David Payne sees a lot of potential in it. Available on mobile devices for both iOS and Android, and also on laptop and desktop devices for Safari, Chrome and, Firefox, this app is sure to help people get rid of saving pages and hunting down that particular place (whose name might or might not have slipped from their mind) in those articles!

What wouldn’t we give to get those long-forgotten places back and be able to visit them? What do you think about it? Let us know in the comments below!

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