Big on vegan meals and big at heart, Khanasutra is one of those few start-ups that gives us hope for a progressive India in the recent times.

Khanasutra Official Logo
Khanasutra Official Logo

Owned by SaiPrasanna Iyengar and Neha Malik purely for the love of good food & cooking, Khanasutra is an all women-staff of which two are destitute women who come from different walks of life & hold the intricate secrets of home cooking.  Hiring these women was to encourage women empowerment & also provide them an opportunity to build a career and lead a dignified life, which otherwise has been an extremely slim chance for them in the outside world, especially in the plush city of Bangalore.

How did Khanasutra Come About?

Meet the Founders of Khanasutra: Sai Prasanna Iyengar & Neha Malik
Meet the Founders of Khanasutra: Sai Prasanna Iyengar & Neha Malik

It all started when 8 years old Sai started trying her hand at the kitchen and it didn’t take long when she fell in love with the intricacy of the art of cooking.  What started as a curiosity turned into an experiment and is now a passion.

SaiPrasanna Iyengar also holds 18+ years of experience in the outsourcing & client servicing industry, along with Neha Malik who holds 7+ years’ experience in the similar space and both share a unique taste for a variety of specialties & customer partnership.

Apart from their work experience & passion for catering to good food, both the ladies have been involved in animal & child welfare (at an individual level) over the last 2 decades. Sai is also a part of an animal welfare trust called CAREWEL which was founded by her family. Together, they have rescued over 500+ dogs,  adopted over 25+ of them, vaccinated & sterilized over 700+ strays & continue to contribute in whatever way they can in & around the J P Nagar 8th phase, Bangalore area.

“It feels like we relentlessly kept chasing our dreams even while being employed for someone else. We kept making project plans regardless of the funding. We started our ground work & research about area demographics, needs, market trends & consumer feedback way ahead of even identifying our operational location. We organized a small tasting event through our pockets to gather feedback on our offerings & were received very well. We continued to explore recipes and training ourselves in our home kitchen way ahead of our commercial kitchen being ready. Our business plan went through several alterations, dimensional changes & evolvement every 15 days,” says SaiPrasanna Iyengar.

On 18th January 2018, “Khanasutra” was launched. The name by itself depicts that Cooking is an art, which also happens to be the principle of this food haven. Believers of ‘GOOD FOOD FEEDS THE SOUL’ . Khanasutra offers a delicacy based menu in Indian & continental cuisine for vegetarian short eats & meals along with customized vegan options to all items on their menu. Going the extra mile of food waste management, the team diligently segregates food waste for stray animals and humans in need by end of each work day! And that’s not all – approximately 20% of the earnings of the start-up go straight to be utilized for stray animals.

How is Khanasutra different than others?

Food is everything but a traditional source of living to Khanasutra. The team believes in binging right, swaying between the “weight” & “light” & divulging in variety. As quoted by the owners “Every menu we have seen comes with multiple options to choose from. They took a step back & wondered how it would be to bring A HEALTHY FUSION into one menu. Needless to say, THE BEST is always HAND PICKED & that is Khanasutra’s specialization -A customized and stylish menu that will bring together hand-picked delicacies of Indian & continental.

We are determined to drive our differentiators in the areas of:

  1. Authenticity
  2. Delicacy based menu (Vegetarian & Vegan)
  3. Flexibility of meal plans to all requirement types
  4. Drive competitive rates that talk to quality (Home style cooked food) & scale (Timely delivery that tie into reasonable cooking time to produce a “wow” output)

As a closing note, they’d like to appeal to people to focus on food waste management for community animals & humans in need at an individual level as well so we create a larger impact. Khansautra has always believed “excellence if executed in pockets, creates a larger impact than a onetime massive change” . Don’t waste food please. NOT because there are hungry stomachs out there, BECAUSE as a first step, we owe respect to something that is keeping all of us alive.

The Surprise

Khanasutra Event
Khanasutra Event

Since Khasutra’s offerings are delicacy based & have the flexibility to customize every vegetarian item on their menu to vegan as well, the team has planned a nominally paid “vegan pop up lunch” on 11th Feb at the restaurant location, i.e JP Nagar 9th Phase, Bangalore, Karnataka. They are planning to host 30 people on that day with an offering of a taste-bud-tingling spread consisting of a starter, 2 rice portions, 2 types of paraths, raita, pickle & a dessert. Depending on the response, vegetarian options will also be available in the spread. Tickets are available for purchase at

For more freshly baked home-cooked food, log on to their Facebook handle:

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