The world these days really seems to be discriminating on the basis of cast, color, creed and races. The religion cannot be summed up in common where in every religion’s virtues will unite. However, they say food is one of the best ways to win anyone’s heart and soul and thus a platform to reunite for good. This is how Fruitizm’s founder envisions a food and fruit religion – Fruitizm. The way we form “Hinduizm and Buddizm ” in the society – and so does Fruitizm.


Fruitizm is working to make healthy fine dining as a food-tech startup under the parent company named – Pisum Foods based in Pune, India. The company is not only focusing on making sustainable, healthier food options but also revolutionizing our view on foods. This startup is run by set of young enthusiastic entrepreneurs who have experience of running startups successfully.

It’s well said, whatever pleases your tongue – hampers your tummy. The team at Fruitizm focuses on satisfying your taste buds along with meeting your diet or health needs. Fruitizm also offers its clients health packages like pregnancy meals and diabetic meals.

Fruitizm’s Diet packages will not help loss or gain weight or help reduce diabetes, but will not hamper your calorie management.

The startup’s clientele ranges right from a carrying mother and her womb up till an aged person. Fruitizm’s consumption is open to all age groups-  pre- birth up till a maximum aged person, as fruits and fruit preparation does not need a proof of being good for everyone and everything.

Fruitizm’s products include fresh juices, cut fruits pack, milkshakes, assorted fruit boxes, weight loss drinks, smoothies, detox drinks, summer drinks, healthy fruit snacks  and health specific packages which fit in your budget and tastes. It uses creative concepts, fresh & natural ingredients and convincing messages with sense of right and wrong to keep young consumers aware towards health. The team uses innovative food technologies to make food fresh and better for their customer. With a scientific research and methodologies, Fruitizm have derived recipes of smoothies and juices to provide balance of nutrients, enzymes and vitamins. Extraction with the use of industry’s best cold pressed technology that does not apply heat and preserve all nutrients and thus they have clear edge over competitive market.

Apart from nature of Indian food sector, team Fruitizm mainly focuses on customer’s health acquisition. The master plan of giving offer and discounts is better idea for short run as this will retain the customers but winning new customers is much more costly. Fruitizm strives hard to understand the taste of audience without compromising with quality of food. Operations and logistics play an important role in Fruitizm’s success so far. For long sustainable business and growth it offers value to the customers as in terms of quality, taste, price, service and distance/time.

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