Valentine’s air has just passed but marketing’s love affair with massive promises never seems to fade. Some propose saying we’ll double your growth, some claim we’re the best in the business and some suggest that no one does it the way we do. But like most proposals on Valentine’s Day, hyperbolic marketing ideas too, get rejected.

The misfortune today is that businesses are not looking out for lovely ideas. They are in the quest for ideas that work. If you envision building a castle in the air, you need to prove how you’re going to do it. If not, why should you even be considered? Sensing the lack of effectiveness in the market, Vital20 Communications was incepted to bring in a fresh new philosophy into the game!

The Beginning

After experiencing an advertising overdose from every billboard, every TVC, and every print ad, Hetansh wondered ‘how could any ad ever get noticed in this joust?’ Pursuing Master Of Sciences In Entrepreneurial Leadership and Management from Babson College, a strong desire to crack the code rose almost instantly.

Founder, Vital 20 Communications
Founder, Vital 20 Communications

A healthy overdose of literature on the subject helped the aspiring entrepreneur to explore amazing concepts like the ‘3 Second Rule’ & ‘The Pareto Principle. Soon, the question was answered and the will to solve business problems using innovative marketing methods intensified.

The concepts were shared with Harpal, an old college buddy, who loved the idea. Being an absolute genius in design, the pre-requisite substance was acquired.

The first proposal was sent across to a potential customer. The subject line read – Win Customers In The First 3 Seconds. The client called for a strategy discussion over a cup of tea. An hour later Vital20 Communications was officially up and running from 15th February 2017.

The Pain Point

Ads are painful these days because they talk too much and demand a lot of time. Would you ever, even in your free time, dare to go through 100 ads? Maybe. But then how many would you remember? Very few.

There’s a science behind attracting a customer. You either do it in one glance or you don’t do it at all. 3 seconds – that’s the advertising space you are endowed with. If you can grab the customer’s attention in that time span, you certainly standout. To do that, you need to deliver a message so strong, in that time window, which relates to the person’s demands and problems.

The 3 seconds rule applies to every advertising platform and every aspect of communication. After all, you are advertising to send out a message. In 3 seconds the chances of succeeding are higher.

The 80-20 solution

One might argue, what can be said in mere 3 seconds to get the customer intrigued? The philosophy aims at delivering the most important 20% messages and not a gist of the business. If you can’t tell your customers what you exactly offer and how you can benefit them, why will they even bother knowing how credible you are or how different you can be?

It’s a science that states, 20% of all causes generate 80% of results. So, when you send out the most essential 20% messages, you are actually inviting 80% responses. Sometimes only 10% messages matter while on few occasions only 2% matter, but the science remains the same – Less Attracts More.


Vital20 Communications has marketed differently and effectively by banking on fresh new concepts and by aligning them to an innovative model of customer communication. Using various modes of advertising, the startup has been able to win customers in the first 3 seconds for various clients including Vodafon, Samsung, mPesa, TBZ, Nandan Denim, Chiripal Group.

Capitalizing on the exposure, the team of 10 based in Mumbai & Ahmedabad now seeks to explore challenging territories. The vision for the future is to implement concepts that help customers standout!

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