Startups In India - Why India Lacks in Entrepreneurship

In countries like India, people look entrepreneurs in a skepticism way. This is because they don’t believe in the determination and passion of youngsters with their brilliant idea; rather want them to work for renowned MNCs to get a safer route of their career.  They don’t believe that the initiatives taken by these budding entrepreneurs can even make any changes to the lifestyle of people.

In our society, no one shares the success stories of local heroes; rather the stories of Bill Gates or Steve Jobs by overlooking the success stories around ourselves. We don’t even know the successful local entrepreneurs.

In India, we hear most of the success stories come from premier institutions like IITs and NITs, but why not other colleges and universities? Young minds need a breeding ground to test, prove and improve their abilities. What is it about these institutions that inculcate this entrepreneur spirit in the students? Why other colleges and universities don’t promote entrepreneurial culture in their young and vibrant students? The reason might be the old thinking that these universities want their students to be placed in big MNCs and make the college reputation. This reputation helps the colleges getting more students and making more money, but they are blind to how to make their student independent.  Other cause can be the curriculum, the environment or the mix of these.

In the Indian society, it is often observed that young entrepreneurial minds coming from big salaried professionals face many hurdles to pursue their own innovation and freedom. They never get full free support neither from their family nor from the surroundings. If someone with a dedicated and determined mindset and a brilliant entrepreneurial idea wants to take it forward then they have to prepare for a long run. There are doubters and skeptic people, but you have to overcome them.

Above all, entrepreneurs are born to break the rules and go beyond the boundary to do new things and explore the world of opportunities. Go out but don’t wait for opportunities, create your own and make your move. One day those skeptic people will have to believe your ability and appreciate your success.

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