Aiding the companies with the best software, inspections, and comparison of the same has become much easier and possible with the emerging company named SoftwareSuggest. The startup has developed so vastly that it has managed to form its global existence within few months of its emergence.


SoftwareSuggest is a startup that aims at solving companies’ obstacles by getting them the best software suggestion for their business purposes, ranging from accounting to other business domains like Warehouse management. Their recommendations are based on an in-depth investigation of the software functions further presenting the same to its clients through their website and blog. They also perform comparison reports among alternatives aiming to simplify the purchasing processes.

Not just the business clients, the startup is an immense benefit to the Software Vendors too. They connect with multiple vendors and help them showcase their products communicating the complete details and functions of the software. Thus, it also serves as a platform for the vendors to present an explanation about their software to the prospect business clients. The software analysts perform accurate analysis of the products, giving the end results, rating and valid comparisons letting customers determine the best one for themselves.

Progress of SoftwareSuggest in its operations

The company has been a tremendous gain for the small and medium companies helping them make an investment in the comprehensive software matching their requirements. The startup holds over 5000 software listed offering over 250+ different functions such as Human Resource, Accounting, Clinic Management, ERP, etc. The clients can look for ratings, in-depth reports, buying guides, screenshots, and even request for a demo to ensure right selection. One can conduct an effective communication with the software analysts who communicate with the clients as software advisors. This is why the company defines itself as a Software Discovery and Recommendation Platform.

Going Global

With a huge development in such a short time, the start-up outlined its global expansion and came out of town to form an international business. The entirely bootstrapped, employee friendly company has established its office in the US. It’s emerging as one of the prominent US companies offering similar services in abroad.

The company further targets global business software categories where it fulfills the same function of in-depth analysis of the software and further coming out with the reviews. It is enlarging its space of research from domestic to the international business software aiming to serve international trade forms with the right choice of business software.

The start-up further looks forward to providing an economical software solution to the international organizations. The analysis performed in international software will accommodate the examiners’ to advise the international business firms with the right software solution.

This is further only possible when it builds a partnership with the foreign software developer and vendors. Thus, growing globally has turned the platform into an opportunity for the vendors to communicate and exhibit the software they have to offer.

Last but not the least, with the global expansion, the firm has not just aimed at widening its location of services but has ensured an extension of its own services too. AppItSimple, the parent company of softwaresuggest further launches a new product named as CallHippo, a VoIP solution for SMBs.

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