When it comes to chocolates, whether it is the children or the market of the old-fashioned business chocolates are never out of season! That being said, this time on The Startup Journal, we’re bringing a story of two 22 year old Bachelors in Business Administration and Mechanical Engineering respectively, who wanted to keep it real for all the chocolate-lovers alike!

What is H2 Chocolates and how is it different from others?

Meet the Founders: Ayushi & Aditya
Meet the Founders: Ayushi & Aditya

A startup that is focussed on bringing the love of chocolate and passion for creativity under one roof, H2 Chocolates strive to provide the best standards of chocolate at the most reasonable prices and promises to be loyal to its base even on days of need in an eleventh hour.  Ayushi Agarwal, the founder of H2 chocolates says: “No matter how tedious or end moment the request is, we shall always try our best to deliver to our clientele.” Co-founded by Aditya Gupta, who happens to be a Mechanical Engineer is believed to have the best marketing ideas ever in bringing the company to its present scale. Be it personalised cakes, customized cakes up to 250 grams uniquely designed for anniversaries or birthday parties, 12am deliveries, cakes with hidden gifts inside, mithai flavoured cakes, this startup has an answer to all your chocolate cravings, especially on its Instagram handle.

The H2 Signature

Yes! It's the Remote Controlled Cake!
Yes! It’s the Remote Controlled Cake!

As if that’s not enough, H2 Chocolates stands out amidst the crowd with its flagship killer: the adorable moving remote controlled car-cakes– a 5kg of pure delight that even honks and moves! Though it’s a bit pricey INR 11,000 to be exact, but worth to the last bites. Check it out for real here @Zomato!

How Did H2 Chocolates Come Up?

On speaking about the idea about H2 Chocolates, Ayushi revealed that she had always been fascinated towards making chocolates that turned into baking cakes in her free period after her class 10th boards and it was then that she took the decision of making it her passion project with the constant support of her family and co-founder. On 17th November 2011, H2 Chocolates saw the light of the day and is primarily based in Mumbai but also delivers to clients in Delhi & Pune through air cargos.

Since then, H2 Chocolates have been known for its class and has found a fond place in the hearts of various people, including  television stars like Amrapali & Yash Sinha, Shabnam Sarguroh, Saurabh Jain and the Marathi television actress Samidha. Single-handedly managed by Ayushi and Aditya, these ambitious youngsters aspire to take H2 Chocolates to being one of the most successful brands in the market.

Not Just for Chocolate-Lovers

With reports of chocolate being on an extinct stage by 2025 because of the rapid change in the world environment, seems that people across the world can’t have enough of it and now are actually going lengths to keep their chocolaty fetishes alive and reserved for the days to come. According to Forbes, the world’s most fast-growing industries aren’t only about technology but also chocolate and its related industries. Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Halloween and even more holidays that are present in the Indian calendar, chocolate sweets and cakes have become as relevant as breathing. And while there’s only a few leading sectors to supply the ever-growing demand of it, we can be assured that H2 Chocolates have a delightful road ahead in its journey to global domination.

Had your H2 remote-control experience yet? Grab your favourites here:


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