Tailoring is a straightforward approach to making garments way additionally complimenting.  Most of the people normally wear curiously large garments, not understanding the vital components of a solid stitching or trading off fit for style. Shirts, Tops, Tunics, Salwar, Blouses, Jackets, Skirts, Palazzos, and Sweaters often are too enormous or too long and trousers are excessively droopy or cumbersome.

With ladies, tailoring and alterations have the ability to take a ho-murmur piece of clothing and change it into something that looks and feels astonishing. Amid the tailoring spell, not very many ladies tailor their garments, except for sewing trousers and modifying suits and formal wear. Why? Mostly because they won’t be finding the right tailor, the right time. Sometimes, they run out of time, while the other times they can’t make the tailors understand what they are exactly looking for.

So, customary stitching is not as easy as it may sound, because it usually involves a lot of rules, instructions, glitches, and preferences. While some of the customers just require some instructions on appropriate fit standards, others require a state of mind alteration with a specific end goal to grasp the idea of customizing. Luckily, the greater part of them came around at last.

Truth be told, we were frequently ready to rescue numerous pieces by basic “changes” that didn’t burn up all available resources. “But, Tailoring is too expensive these days”, you might complain.  In this season of “quick mold” and expendable garments, numerous ladies simply would prefer not to spend cash to guarantee their dress fits them faultlessly. They reason that if they have paid $20 for an article of clothing, they can spend an additional $10 on the fitting. But where to find the right tailor?

TailorZone Designer Shop

To meet the need, TailorZone, Ahmedabad’s First Ondemand Designer Stitching Service is established. The startup has been launched in September of 2015 based in Ahmedabad with a team of 8 members. Jay Sonavane, a Computer Graduate is the man behind the startup is an enthusiast and a tech savvy. Always thriving to have the optimum use of Internet and to solve the daily confronted problems, Jay decided to work the ideas that connect people and make lives easy. Out of that thought process, evolved the TailorZone, an initiative to organize a huge market of tailoring.  Priyanka Brahmbhatt, the Co-Founder, and the Brand Manager is a Software Engineer by profession and a fashion-holic by nature. She always likes to keep herself updated with the latest fashion and trends. Having a clear idea about the marketing structure and promotion of the bands, she deals with the sales stuff.

When asked about the scenario that has motivated him, Jay revealed, “Being a Computer Graduate, I am always passionate about Internet and Technology.I always thrive to make the optimum and best use of the Internet and its power to solve some of the basic and real life problems. I like to work on the ideas that directly connect with people and their daily lives. TailorZone is also a similar initiative to organized a huge market of bespoke and customized tailoring.  Prior TailorZone, I have launched http://campusclick.in/ which is the book selling portal for GTU engineering students. Campus Click is the only website in GUJARAT which includes the latest and most updated syllabus that helps students to buy engineering books online. Apart from this, I was also part of the digital consulting firm at the very beginning of my entrepreneurial journey.  I want to make people’s lives easier. Last Year I  have faced a  horrifying experience as I was unable to have a decent tailor when I was in real need of it. I was planning to attend one of my friend’s marriage, but since it was a festival season and there was a heavy rush of order, all Tailors refused to accept my order. This situation irked me so much that it made me think about creating something that can easily reachable, reliable and accessible.

Jay & Priyanka

I decided to work on this idea and started gathering all the information about this unorganized sector. While doing this, I was also looking for a teammate who can help me in identifying few answers, which were hard for me to get. Then I met Priyanka and discussed this idea with her. At that time, Priyanka was actively involved in fashion and boutique domain with her very own venture Hir Creations. Together we brainstormed and we figured out the possible blueprint and prototype for TailorZone and the rest is history”

Till now TailorZone is being run on the Founders money. With the sole aim to provide hassle free and enjoyable tailoring experience to all the customers with the help of a young and dynamic team, the startup  is planning to capture the maximum audience from Ahmedabad and then after to expand the service in other cities of Gujarat.

TailorZone covers almost all the stitching options under Indian, Western and Indo-Western wear. Ain’t it a dream come true for all the 21st-century women who suffer to get the clothes altered and stitched after buying them from online stores?

“When we decided to materialize the idea of TailorZone, I started discussing it with all my friends and family. Every person to whom I use to share this concept was getting excited, but at the same time was also expressing a doubt about ‘HOW I CAN DO IT?’,” says Jay.

“In a city where you can find one new tailor in every 500 meters, how you can convince people to go with your online service? I know the idea was a bit unrealistic, from both customers’ end and also from the operational end. And the same problem we faced when we started implementing it. At the initial level, we found it difficult to convince tailors and boutique shops work on the online concept. But later on after few meeting and discussions, we managed to bring them all onto the board. Within first 2 months of our launch, we have managed to successfully process our first 50 orders. We did 2 months of piloting and to our surprise, we received a tremendous response. With that,  it was very clear to us,  that all the customers were in need of such service and now the only part that was left for us was to create a smooth process,” he adds.

Have a birthday coming up and still not able to decide on what to wear? Buy a piece of cloth and get it beautifully stitched from TailorZone. What are you waiting for?

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