Known to a very few, Teer is a game of dreams and gambling played in the state of Meghalaya wherethe sport of archery is intrinsic. In Shillong at around 4 p.m., and again at around 5 p.m., the Khasi archers assemble around a cylindrical target made out of bamboo thatch. For the next three minutes they shoot at the target, after which the total numbers of arrows that have hit the target are counted. Out of the total, the last two digits are taken as the winning number. The 4 and 5 p.m. sessions are considered the first and second round of this game respectively.

TeerCounter - Teer Results and Lottery
Teer Game

In this gambling game,people go to a counter and buy any number mainly based on their dream they had previous night. A person can buy any number for any amount and if that number is shot by archers in the evening then he will get around 80 times of the investment. .

Though the game was illegal in the state of Meghalaya, considering the fact that Teer has been an integral part of the Khasi tradition coupled with  the potential of “teer” as huge source of revenue for the government, the Meghalaya government legalized it in 1982.

To take this ancient game mainstream and to provide information regarding Teer, AnkurPriyadarshan, an MBA from NITIE and BE from NU started TeerCounter back in 2014.

Ankur is a Pune based entrepreneur and had worked as an IT strategist and program manager for close to 7 years.

TeerCounter is a portal which publishes the “Teer” results  and lottery results for lotteries operated by the govts. Of Maharashtra, Nagaland, Kerala, Manipur, Punjab, Sikkim, Manipur and Arunachal as soon as they are announced. Apart from the results, it also has a prediction game, a social network, analytics, previous results, calendar, online shopping etc. Though the website doesn’t sell any tickets for the game currently but Ankur claims to have the necessary tie-ups in place and is working on getting the sale of tickets and prize-claim settlement online before the end of Jun’ 15. .

The website is ranked nearly 7100 in Alexa ranking in India and gets above 2 lakh visitors per month.

Having spent 16 years in Shillong,Ankur was aware of the pain points ofTeer players and organizers.  He waited for the past many years for people in the NE states to start using the internet. And with the recent surge in internet users in NE, it seemed like the right time to start TeerCounter.

Ankur is targeting a niche market which is yet to be crowded by other entrepreneurs. The market for this segment is growing and has a huge potential as it’s not yet saturated. Such use of technology and Internet is the states like Meghalaya will give exposure to more and more undiscovered secrets of India. Our best wishes with Ankur and his venture for the future endeavors.

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