The Modiste

What if we told you that you can have your very own personal stylist? You know, like Sonam Kapoor, Deepika Padukone and Katrina Kaif have. You must be thinking that we are kidding. Okay. Now hold on to that thought for a bit more. Also, we say that you can have your personal stylist for free. Now you may think that we are kidding, BUT, we are not.

We are talking about The Modiste, a personalized styling platform based out of New Delhi, delivering an ensemble of 5-7 handpicked items directly at your doorstep. Founded by two ex-Samsung employees Vinita Joshi and Amandeep Singh, The Modiste is focussing their services on working women and stay at home mothers. It is changing the way women shop for clothes. From now on, you will never have to set a foot inside the store or go through long catalogues online. Your stylists will do everything for you. Right from knowing everything about your personal style and budget to handpicking clothes for you and sending them at your doorstep.

The duo at The Modiste, believe that style is innate, it is part of their lineage, our beliefs, and the people who inspire us. For them it is not about ‘the must haves’ in your wardrobe or current fashion trends, but staying true to yourself and preserving your real identity. The Modiste aims at making you look and feel your best every day and in everything that you wear. Therefore, provides a dedicated stylist to each of our customers.

This is how it works – After filling a small style profile, a personal stylist is allotted to you. Your stylists will call you on your mentioned time to know all about your lifestyle, style preference, and personality. Based on the conversation and style profile the stylist will handpick items (clothes+accessories) for you. These items are packed in a box. Along with these items, a ‘Note from the Stylist’ is also sent. The note contains style tips on how to wear each item inside the box in different ways. You will get half an hour to 45 minutes to try the stuff on. You can keep and pay for the items that you like and return the rest.

The Modiste Clothings

The Modiste’s work does not end with your shopping. In fact, that is when it starts. It has a strong feedback system in place where the data about the items that has been returned back are collected. These feedbacks are worked on thoroughly so that the box can be optimized better next time.

What else? Well, having a personal stylist reduces your shopping time by 90%. Imagine picking clothes from an array of choices, then waiting in the queue to try them on in ill-fitted lights and if it does not fit or you do not like it, follow the entire process again. Besides this, your personal stylist saves you from decision fatigue and bad choices arising due to impulse shopping.

Now you know we ain’t kidding. So, get your very own personal stylist now at The Modiste.

To get a peek inside their inventory and to know about the stylists, you can follow them on instagram and facebook.

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