There are quite a number of people who hate going into work every day and dream of owning their own company one day.  Establishing a startup is one way to maintain control over your schedule and employment status too.  Although it’s not exactly easy to start a successful company, the payoff can be immense.  Data has been compiled from dozens of sources such as Forbes and Nasdaq that display a range of useful information about the state of startups these days.

Most people can probably guess that the technology field is one of the most popular as far as startups go.  A number of tech companies have popped up in recent years and seemingly achieved overnight success.  Who hasn’t heard of Instagram,  YouTube, Nokia, or Skype?

All of these companies started out relatively small and quickly grew to become what they are today.  Thanks to their success, they were snatched up by even more prominent companies such as Google, Facebook, and Microsoft.

There are other categories besides technology that entrepreneurs can do well in as well.  Some of the most common in recent years include gamification services, on-demand storage, and food e-commerce.

One reason that some people use to avoid starting up their dream company is that it can take too long to see results.  Although this is certainly true in many cases, that’s not the case for all of them.  A number of companies have gone on to become worth over $1 billion, and in relatively short order too.  You may recognize some of the brands that inhabit this list including Twitter, Pinterest, and Groupon.

Some companies do more than just make money; they redefine how we do things in the world.  AirBnB is one such company that’s changing the way people book accommodations while traveling.  Getting a hotel room is no longer the only option.  Uber has largely changed the way that people rent rides to their destination, employee contracted taxi drivers who use their personal vehicles.

Although not exactly world-changing, a number of companies have sprung forth with quite unusual ideas.  There’s Startups Anonymous, a forum developed for entrepreneurs seeking assistance.  There’s also Rent the Chicken, a company that delivers a chicken coop right to your door ready for eggs to be laid.

Entrepreneurs who get help in some form or another really have a big advantage when it comes to achieving their goals.  The specific country that they live in can certainly have an effect.  For example, those who live in Finland can take advantage of the $145 million that the country has pumped into loans and grants for startups.  If you live in the United Kingdom and make an investment up to 100,000 pounds, then you may qualify for 50% income tax relief.

Even if you don’t live in a specific country, you may still be able to get help with your business venture.  Canada, Chile, and Denmark are a few of the countries that offer a startup incubation program.  Australia and Singapore also give immigrants the ability to receive an entrepreneur visa.

Although it’s not for everyone, starting up your own business can pay off big time if you have a brilliant idea.  There is always room for improvement with many things that society does.  Who knows, your venture could be illustrated in some future infograph.

Startup World Infographic


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