Foam boards are great lightweight and durable material that is easy to cut, and this makes it a favourite material for mounting posters, banners, and photographic prints. It is made of a polystyrene clad centre layer sandwiched between two sheets of matte paper.

Its material can withstand indoor elements, and this makes it last for long periods of time. Due to this, it allows your business and its messages to stay visible for many years. If you are planning an event like a conference or show, foam boards are perfect marketing tools to use to display your message to your audience.

Advantages of Foam Board Posters

If you intend to display high-quality images, you will not find a better deal like foam board print posters. Foam board has many benefits that make it one of the most versatile materials for signs and display. Some of the advantages include;

1. Adhesive Friendly

Foam board posters are easy to mount on walls due to their lightweight and for that reason, you can use removable adhesives to display them. You need to ensure that you do not use an adhesive that can leave any permanent damage to the surface area.

2. Lightweight

Foam board posters are light because the board they are printed on is made of lightweight foam which offers great versatility and makes it easy to transport. They are a great option to use if you frequently display your products at shows or sell them from various locations.

3. Easy to Print and Cut

Foam board poster printing is a pocket-friendly way to print high-quality posters and banners for your business marketing, school projects, family portraits, and artworks. Designs and photos can be directly printed to the foam boards, and then the boards can be neatly trimmed to a shape of your choice.

4. Cost-Effective

It is essential to work within your budget when choosing your signage company. You can use foam board posters is you need several posters printed at a pocket-friendly cost. These boards can be printed on a range of colours giving you a great option for custom posters that are easy to manage.

5. Attention-Grabbing

A well-designed poster will surely grab the attention of your customers and prospects. You can use foam board posters to advertise your products or services during trade shows or conferences which can make your organization stand out from your competition.

6. Heavy Duty Poster Board

Foam board is very sturdy compared to other kinds of boards that are malleable and have no solid core. If you need a hard poster board, you can use foam board. It is strong, does not easily bend, or curl, and stays straight when hung.

7. Imagery

Using a foam board poster, you can print a large-scale image directly to the material, and this offers an attractive backdrop image for your company logo or other branding materials. These background images can be printed to the edge of the foam board hence giving your poster the appearance of a large photo on a display screen. It is an excellent way to advertise your products or services since this draws the attention of everyone who sees the poster.

Foam Board Uses

Printed foam boards are ideal marketing tools for your business to get your business information out there to your customers and prospects. Foam board poster printing is a great way to display your business products and services during events like conferences, or for indoors advertising of your business.

Disadvantages of Foam Board Posters

1. Foam Board is Slightly Acidic

Avoid mounting archival materials on foam board since the chemical composition of the plastic can degrade the artefact after some time.

2. Foam Boards are Not Waterproof

These boards are not waterproof thus they are ideal for indoor advertising purposes. They can be used as presentation tools, for wall posters, or advertising at conferences. Foam boards are not meant for a long time outside display because they are easily damaged by water, moisture, or extreme sunlight. They can discolour, warp, and disintegrate when exposed to moisture or extreme sunlight.

You can display your foam board posters outside during summertime, but ensure to keep them indoors at night to avoid any contact with moisture. Additionally, ensure that they are well supported to avoid the wind blowing them away.

3. Foam Board is Hard to Recycle

Foam boards are made of polystyrene which is a hard plastic to recycle. It is also not biodegradable.
Foam Board Sizes

They are available in various sizes, therefore, you can check with your printer for guidance on your ideal size.
The above guideline is aimed at shedding some light on what you need to be conversant with regarding foam board posters.

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