Among the booming eCommerce businesses in India, Bangalore based entrepreneur, Nitin Kashyap has found himself a niche. Nitin has set-up a sexual wellness products aggregator website that lists products from various eCommerce websites such as Flipkart, HealthKart, Cilory, Onlinemeds, N-Gal, Lasky Herbal etc. at one place.

The idea behind is to help people find sexual wellness products at best prices on one platform. This is also good for sellers as they get another sales channel online to showcase their products at competitive prices.

“We are an aggregator for sexual wellness products, which means we don’t sell products, but help customers make informed decisions resulting into better deals and offers.” Nitin says.

It is interesting to note that, which began its operations on 1st Dec, 2014 had more than 42,000 visitors by the new year’s eve. This is a sign that the Indian eCommerce market desperately needs such a platform and Nitin has been the early bird. was covered by ‘India Today’ magazine on 5th Dec, 2014, just after 4 days of launching this venture. Nitin’s confidence in his venture comes from his assessment of the market, which according to him is set to become a Rs. 10,000 crore by the year 2020. Demand for such products has been increasing in India and Nitin’s platform has made the first attempt to put those products online, which has caught attention of many investors.

“Although we started with our own resources and bootstrapping, the growth and huge potential has attracted investment from capital companies from sectors like IT, FMCG, Media, Event Marketing, Investment Banks etc. Recently, we received angel/seed investment to keep us going and we are in advanced talk with PE/VC firms for Series A funding. We would utilize funding for technology upgradation, marketing, advertising and bringing more partners on board to make the platform even bigger. The industry is attracting foreign investment too.”, says Nitin.

Nitin is confident this early success would attract even more interest and investment to further expand. He adds that was shortlisted in start-up competitions by both “Microsoft Ventures” and “Wharton India Economic Forum [WIEF] 2015”.

“It is no longer a taboo to purchase these products in India. In fact, people have been buying all these products for years from their nearby medical/ retail stores. My platform is a big step ahead in that direction and it makes it convenient for people to buy these products at the click of a button.”, says Nitin.

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