On the global center stage-the Indian start ups

The Indian start ups with their creative and local approach are able to penetrate deeper into the Indian market, quite fast. In view of the vastness of the Indian market and the growing popularity of startups among people has attracted many international investors to invest in these promising start ups. The New York based giant global investor TGM (Tiger Global Management) has invested more than 400 million dollars in the 18 start ups so far in the year 2015. Similarly the Russian DST Global and Japanese Softbank have infused more than $300 million into the Indian start ups.

TiEcon Delhi 2015

Billions of dollars are inflowing

The growth of the Indian consumer market driven especially by the mobile users has emboldened further the confidence of the investors. A new trend of acquisitions of the flourishing start ups have been witnessed in the recent years. In 2015 so far 43 small venture start ups have been acquired by many global investors. This is expected to act like a catalyst for the start up business world. The young entrepreneurs with new vision about the market are the leaders of future market. This is really a beginning of the golden era of the Indian startups

Get the right direction for harvesting the benefits

If you also want to ride the crest of the startups waves, then what you all need beside a strong vision and passionate mission is deeper insight about the Indian start ups business and an exposure with the global startup platforms. Such platform will enable you to showcase your futuristic projects to your prospective investors and get the initial funding thrusts easily. It will enable you to vertically integrate with the market and take a leap jump into your start up business. You could also find your start up mate who will help you in carving out a distinct model of doing business in the ever changing and evolving Indian market.

Connect with the leaders

The TiEcon, one of the pioneers in organizing start-up summits recently organized its mega event once again in the year 2015, between Oct 16-17, in New Delhi. Last year there were more than 1500 delegates who attended this summit. Most of the delegates were business big-wigs from all across the industry. Some of its proud speakers were –Anshu Gupta, winner of the Magsay say award, and founder of the Goonj; Amit Aggarwal VP of the Amazon; Alok Mittal CEO of the Indifi etc. These awe inspiring leaders not only addressed the summit, but  also interacted with the startup enthusiasts and provided them with their valuable insights about the market and guided them as well for a glooming future.

So never miss the next opportunity, just hurry and get yourself registered for the next mega event in your city.

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