Business Analytics is one of the most emerging fields of current times. Any kind of company or businesses, be it small, medium or large scale needs business analytics because they are all dealing with data in some way or the other. However, it is first important to understand the concept of Business Analytics (BA).

Business Analytics is the means of methodical exploration and iteration of a company’s data with the help of statistical analysis. BA is helpful in enhancing the decision -making process through data analysis. Since it is obvious that Business Analytics is the next big thing, we have the following 10 tips to get the best opportunities in Business Analytics.

Internships are the best way to dive deep into a particular subject meter and learn. It also exposes one to different job opportunities within the field and also makes you understand your own strengths and capabilities in a better way.

Apply for an SAS certification

There are many statistical tools available in the market to play around with Big Data but many companies still prefer SAS as the most reliable one. Although R is also gaining much popularity amongst professionals of analytics, SAS is still considered quite credible for people working in this profession. Moreover, it is said that if you know SAS, it is always easier to learn other statistical tools too.

Develop skills for Interpretation of Data

Having an eye to see behind Big Data and understand what the hidden and underlying meanings behind it can be very resourceful if you’re applying for a BA job. It helps to use data for important decision making in the company.

Gain real-life experience of working with Big Data

It is very important that you have experience with real-time data sets of big companies. This can be done with Massive Online Open Curriculum (MOOC) courses from Coursera or Udacity. You can also do some internship without any pay with big companies because that will add greatly to your CV.

Participate in Kaggle Competitions

Kaggle organizes regular competitions where the participants get an opportunity to compete against each other with access to big real-time data which will be similar to the ones you would work within your jobs. This has an added benefit because companies view it equivalent to internships or coursework.

Work on your Quantitative Skills

Having an aptitude to understand Mathematical Formulas is also a very important part of Big Data. Although you have all the statistical tools like SAS or R at your disposal but you still need to have an aptitude for it so that it all makes sense.

Having an eye for detail

To become a successful Business Analytics professional, you need to be detail oriented because even the smallest things in data sets can lead to big changes in the final decision making.

Try for an Advanced Degree

Many companies require a Master or a Ph.D. degree for their prospective employees in order to give them BA jobs. According to a survey 48% BA professionals have a master and 18% have a Ph.D. However, it is always a good idea to get some experience in the form of internships or short-term jobs to gain experience in the field before going in for a higher degree.

Research for companies that require Data Analytics professionals

There are a bunch of emerging companies as well as old actors in Data Analytics field so having a prior knowledge is always helpful. Moreover, it will help you understand the changes and new requirements in the field. You will always be ahead of your competition if you know details about the companies you want to work with.

Attractive Linkedln profile With social media upsurge

Linkedln plays an important role in displaying your achievements and requirements as a job-seeker. You can make use of Linkedln by displaying your projects and achievements on your profile. You can also approach people who are already working in your field and get insights. Moreover, you can use it as a platform to get recommendations for jobs.

Using the above mentioned 10 tips you can easily hack and learn about opportunities in Business Analytics. Opting for a professional training in Business Analytics will also be a good option.

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