TrackNext - Business Social Network

Many of us actively use sites like Twitter and Facebook to promote our businesses. And those of us looking to connect with more business-related contacts may turn to sites like LinkedIn to develop relationships with people we have worked with or may want to work with.

With the growing use of social networking by business professionals, there is a growing number of social networking sites focused on business users and meeting their needs.

TrackNext is a business social network with business owners and entrepreneurs, who enjoy the freedom to do things in their own terms; whose businesses are the extensions of their passion; who enjoy having real conversation with other business owners and customers.

The key features provided by the network are;

1. Built For Business:

TrackNext connects business owners with other business owners without a penny charged.

2. Good For SEO:

The portal is so optimized that it can enhance the SEO of any business having a company page or profile on TrackNext.

3. Connect & Engage:

While the network helps individuals to connect with friends at the same time it helps business personals to connect with other business owners and potential customers.

4. Its Free:

All of the features provided by the social network are free of cost. Even it provides free advertising for the companies on the portal.

Advertising on social networks can be profitable, but is too expensive for a business to advertise on sites like Facebook or Twitter and merely have chances to be seen by the potential customers because of the large user base. TrackNext provides free advertising for its members to shorten the burden of ad expenses for a business and reach out to every potential customer.

Just by looking into the result people can know skills, category of the professional and business profile in a very well organized way. This platform can be used to post free jobs offers, blogging and events as well. The portal provides every business with a dedicated company page where one can find every relevant information about the company.

The network is so optimized that every single page and post is crawled by the search engines immediately and gives SEO advantages to the company as well as individuals with certain skills.

TrackNext provides students a friendly kind of platform to interact with HRs/Employees and know there perspective.

In this regard, Shibam Sarbswa, Co-Founder of TrackNext says,

” A country where unemployment and poverty is common in India we are trying to make it uncommon through making jobs easily accessible to the students and for the companies on the other side providing them a right fit. Most wonderful fact in this process is that there is no fee included to do all these things.”

TrackNext connects each type of individuals to others across various categories like Insurance Agents, Freelancers, Communities and NGOs, Retailers, Educational professionals etc.

One of its kinds in India the business social network has grown rapidly within a few months of its launch.

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