We often constrain logo design to one thing that we are familiar with. The fact is that logo design is much more fluid and open than you might imagine. It’s much more than just symbols and fonts; there are many different forms that a successful logo can take on. Choosing the right form for your logo design is crucial to ensuring its effectiveness in communicating your brand. With that in mind, below are the 8 most common types of logo design

A monogram logo is a logo comprised of initials, like “ABC” or “HBO”. These logotypes are highly recognizable; they’re short, concise, and easy to incorporate in a wide variety of designs. It’s key to consider proper font choice when choosing a monogram logo. It is probably best to have your own custom typeface designed if such a large portion of your brand will be based on the letters.

 #2 Logotypes

 The expanded version of the monogram, logotypes are simply the name of the brand spelt out. Again, a custom typeface is one of the best ways to approach using a logotype style logo. These work well for brand names that are easy to say and remember. 

 #3 Symbols

 Symbols are highly effective logo choices and are often combined with logotype logos. The image that you choose is crucial here. Generally, you want to steer away from images or symbols that are too literal. Rather, you want the symbol you choose to represent the essence or ideal of the brand it is presenting. This takes some finesse and ingenuity to get right. Some great examples of brands that have done this well are Apple and Chik-fil-a. 

 #4 Mascot Logos

 Mascot logos are most often used in the food and beverage industry. These logos center around a character that the brand has chosen to utilize as their core representation of their brand image. One great example is Chester the Cheetah from Cheetos. These logos are best used when a fun, lighthearted image suits the brand. 

 #5 Combination Marks

 These are perhaps the most common type of logo marks. Combination logos utilize both a symbol and a logotype. They are extremely versatile and are a practical way to make sure that brand recognition can be achieved in a variety of ways. One great example of a combination mark is Sperry brand shoes. Brands that utilize a combination mark are able to use their brand in a variety of applications with ease. If you use a free logo maker, many of the options available will be combination mark logos. 

 #6 Letterforms

Letterforms are logos that centre around one letter of a brand. McDonald’s is perhaps the most famous example. Brands that use a letterform logo are able to use a succinct reminder of the brand name in a symbol form. Make sure that you use a custom typeface for this kind of logo; don’t be afraid to play around and create a form that stands out. 

#7 Emblem Logos

The emblem design is one of the original logo design options, and it’s still one of the best. Emblem logos utilize a shape (often a circle) to encompass a wide variety of brand imagery that makes up the logo. These can be intricate and concise at the same time. Coffee shops often utilize an emblem style logo. Starbucks uses this kind of logo with great success.

#8 Font + Shape

A simpler style of emblem logo, brands that use this style of the logo are able to create a powerful symbolism around their brand without over complicating things. The great thing about these logos is that they scale up and down easily.

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