As a startup founder if you’re looking to raise funding from VCs, the first step is to create a pitch deck. Well, after step zero, which is to have a great idea.

So what’s a pitch deck? A pitch deck is a brief presentation (usually based on slides) that provides the audience with an overview of your business.

The story you tell about your idea, team and concept validation is what will ultimately determine if your deck is appealing or not. Still, getting some inspiration from previously successful startups is definitely a good place to start.

Here’s the ultimate list of pitch decks that every startup can refer to while making their own pitch deck.


This is one of the most referred pitch deck by startups. Founders, Brian Chesky, Joe Gebbia and Nathan Blecharczyk used this pitch in 2009 to raise $600K from Sequoia Capital and Y Ventures. 


Buffer, a social media scheduling platform that helps you schedule content to used this pitch deck to raise half a million dollars in funding.


Square is a company that allows merchants to accept mobile credit card payments via a dongle.


Mint is a personal financial services tool that helps people track their spending and find ways to save money. This was a pre-launch pitch deck, five months before the launch.

Kickfolio (now

Kickfolio (now offers tools that allow iOS applications to run in the browser using HTML5 technology.


Biogrify is a playful platform where you can view snapshots of your life using measurable data, displayed through interactive infographics.


The deck Rand Fishkin used in July 2011 when raising funds for SEOmoz.

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