There is often great value when opportunities present themselves in the most unassuming forms, and capitalizing on this value requires great vision. Set on such a vision, Ankit Khare one of the founders and director of Unipro Education Pvt. Ltd began his entrepreneurial journey. Having essayed sales, operations, and team management roles in the digital media solutions space, Ankit saw tremendous potential for digital marketing in the largely unexplored education sector, and that was where it all began.

Unipro Education

Being a technology enthusiast and a digital media industry all rounder, Ankit spent around 10 years rising up the ranks in his industry handling media sales, digital marketing, online advertising and client relationship management roles in big ticket media solutions company like, HT Media Ltd and Educomp Solutions Ltd. Quitting a senior leadership role at a large media solutions company, he established Unipro Education Pvt Ltd in 2012, to focus on providing digital marketing solutions targeted to the most digital savvy audience out there – students.

A ship without radar ends up going nowhere. Similarly a business without a vision or mission ends up achieving barely anything. Unipro has always operated with a business philosophy to “be” the ecosystem and guide the industry in adopting digital media, rather than just focus on building up a client portfolio. And with the limited adoption of digital media solutions prior to their being in business, Unipro has successfully shaped the opinion of many in the industry, leading to successful and long standing customer collaborations over the years.

A recent survey shows that the education sector is among the top 5 sectors when it comes to yearly media expenditure and the rate of growth in these spends is also quite high, at 15%. Education is still a middle class segment when it comes to the digital advertising expenditure. There is no agency focused particularly on this sector, which limits knowledge when it comes to the marketing nuances for the industry and the target audiences. The current media expenditures in the education industry are largely skewed towards traditional media. But digital media expenditures are definitely on a rapid rise considering the growth in internet penetration and an active user base of over 200 million of which over 60% users are the youth.

Focusing exclusively on the digital media solutions for the education segment has been Unipro’s main motive and it is playing a crucial role in creating an eco-system of knowledge driven services where their clients are being educated about various digital platforms thus in turn building greater confidence in digital advertising solutions for the industry. The real understanding of the pain areas of the valued clients is what notches above the competition since they work exclusively with education sector clients and this enables them to deliver results that are beyond customer expectations on all occasions. 

Funded by a Angel Investor based in US with a Team size of 34, Unipro is the only digital marketing agency in India that works exclusively with advertisers in the Education sector. Their understanding in this domain and their ability to deliver targeted solutions for the education sector is unmatched. They are a full service oriented digital agency that provides digital media solutions for advertisers in the education industry. They help education advertisers reach out to students through targeted campaigns on digital platforms like Google, Facebook, Mobile, YouTube etc. Using various digital platforms, they have been enabling clients to get ahead of the competition. Their social media management, blog & forum management, and student engagement services allow customers to connect and engage effectively with the right audiences and provide meaningful information which brings in repeat visitors and conversions. Besides these aspects of their services their in-house technology capability provides content management (CMS), lead management (LMS), and campaign reporting (API based) solutions along with an online platform for student applications and mobile applications for institutions.

Till date the only challenges they have faced is the low understanding of technology and low confidence on digital platforms among the prospective clients. Their major clients are TOEFL, GRE, Amity University, Chandigarh University, Lovely Professional University, MIT Group of Institutions and many more.

Future goals are something which defines the future prospect of a company and Unipro has a very promising one. Having worked with over 100 clients in 4 years and growing each year since inception, their aim is to touch the skies now. They are looking at an aggressive plan for expansion and are targeting a 200% increase in customer acquisitions in the next two years. They are also looking to invest in building a broader portfolio of offerings and are currently in the midst of research for new web and mobile based service offerings.

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