We humans are always on a constant quest for excellence. If it can’t be found within ourselves, then we look to other things to represent it. This is what global luxury brands are all about; receiving an item or service of exceptional quality transfers this trait to us, and marks us as one deserving of excellence.

The major problem with the Indian shoppers is the price tag when it comes to buy global luxury branded products. In the other hand almost all the websites that sell branded product in India actually not able to deliver the promises, beyond mass produced lines from their in-house brands and a few big names.

It’s a gap that a new wave of startups, such as UpBeatz trying to fill. It wants to give the Indian consumers the access to international labels and great variety of products for extremely affordable prices.  While discounts and deals are still the order of the day when it comes to driving the growth of e-commerce in India, this is slowly changing, particularly when it comes to selling branded products. Therefore it shouldn’t really be a surprise that there is a growing wave of startups that eschew affordable global products for all.

UpBeatz was started to give Indians the opportunity to break some rules and create new trends by giving them access to style from across the globe. Siddharth Gadodia (CEO) founded Upbeatz.com after he encountered a pair of uber cool sunglasses and experienced what many call “love at first sight”. Thus, Upbeatz.com gives Indians access to global brands at affordable prices beginning with Knockaround sunglasses from California.

UpBeatz Team
UpBeatz Team

“We launched with the vision to exclusively bring Knockaround sunglasses to the Indian market. The brand is among the most popular eyewear brands for youth internationally. And we wanted the people of India to experience this brand, break away from the norms and create new trends. Our emphasis is on high quality products at affordable price points which make them ideal for the Indian consumer base.” says Siddharth.

With the success of Knockaround sunglasses, Upbeatz launched another brand Anatomicals, a range of bath and body products from United Kingdom and ManCave natural men’s grooming range, from the United Kingdom.

Knockaround Sunglasses
Knockaround Sunglasses

“All brands that we introduce to our platform will be exclusive, ensuring that no two brands compete with each other. Our marketing strategy will focus is on both online and offline platforms to gain maximum brand awareness in the Indian market” states Vineet Singh, Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer, Upbeat Retail Private Ltd.

The model of “affordable luxury” is exactly what UpBeatz follows. The startup was co-founded by two young entrepreneurs Siddharth Gadodia and Vineet Singh in Bengaluru in December 2014. Siddharth holds a Master’s Degree in Engineering from Manchester University, UK. During SIGM at Stanford GSB he was exposed to all things business that led to the formation of Upbeatz.

Vineet has over 8+ years of experience in online advertising, marketing, branding and sales across Google, Delhivery, and Consultancy projects. Now lives and breathes Upbeatz.

UpBeatz wants to establish itself as a curated online marketplace for unique merchandises. The products sold at UpBeatz are ultra cool, stylish and of high quality from across the globe which provides the modern Indian consumer a superior experience.

UpBeatz is in a period of rapid growth; they plan to launch their first flagship store in Bangalore at the Phoenix mall this October and support Indian startups through their omni-channel network.

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