Digital marketing has become one of the easiest and most dependable ways to popularize upcoming products in the modern world. Gone are the days where consumers had to physically transport themselves to marketplaces. Today, modern consumers are exposed to a wide array of products in their own homes merely sitting in front of a keyboard and screen. The overall model of marketing has gone through leaps and bounds bringing forth a digital revolution, which not only surprises the consumer but also provides satisfaction.

Coupons As Marketing Tool

Success Through Marketing

Websites like Amazon and Shopclues are prime examples of companies following the aforementioned marketing model. These companies have completely transformed the realm of digital marketing and e commerce as a whole. They have attained immense success in this field for a variety of reasons, one of them being their ability to constantly innovate. Stagnancy has never been an issue, as startups like Shopclues coupons have always been able to adapt to market conditions and evolve. Their marketing model has gone through extensive reformations but has always adhered to market needs. Attracting maximum customers is the basic goal of any company, and these websites possess vast and loyal customer bases around the globe.

Furthermore, they have also been successful in attracting new customers regularly through advertising and providing incentives. Proper advertising is cardinal for the success of any organization; however it cannot sustain itself in today’s uber competitive market without building goodwill. Goodwill is created through customer loyalty and provision of incentives.

Find Customers Through Coupons

Relevant examples of incentives include discounts, coupons; return policies etc. Amazon offers have become extremely popular amongst customer bases. So much so that there are websites dedicated to marketing and selling the coupons itself. CouponMama and are examples of such websites. Incentive based marketing is the optimum way of attracting customers in the world of modern business. Once a genuine customer base has been built, retaining their allegiance becomes sacrosanct. These multinational companies have been able to sustain the customer’s fidelity through incentive based marketing. Through this ideology of constant innovation, companies like Amazon and Shopclues have been able to create business not only for themselves but for other companies as well, completely modifying the model of modern marketing.

Marketing has developed immensely in the last couple of decades. The growth of mass media has been extremely influential for the marketing sphere. Mediums of mass communication like television, radio, newspapers have always been significant in field of marketing. However, the modern model constantly utilizes the most popular medium of communication i.e. the Internet. E-marketing or E-commerce has become unbelievably lucrative as it is able to attract the most number of consumers. How to find customers is quite tough job. But this concept of attracting consumers from the comfort of their own homes is relative to its success. It allows the customer to be stationary and not undertake the hassle of travelling to the concerned marketplace, as transportation involves further expenses and time consumption. The digital revolution is sweeping the global economy with marketing at its helm, continuously accelerating without ever taking a back seat.

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