If you’ve ever interacted with a start-up or an entrepreneur, it’s immediately obvious that the attitude and passion is what defines this space. The ideas are usually interesting and the drive to materialize these ideas immense. But somewhere in the midst of all this attitude and passion, start-ups tend to fall victim to the Chalta Hai attitude. It may be a small or tiny bit of work that’s allowed to slip. However, it’s not long before the effects begin to threaten the very existence of the start-up and its grand idea.

Allow us to explain with an example. Enthusiastically, you and your start-up are attending a business convention, ready to explain your great idea to the world. Everything is going smoothly, until suddenly out of the blue someone asks “Hey can I have your visiting card?”. You’re flabbergasted and got yourself in quite a predicament because either you forgot to bring them along or you haven’t bothered about getting them made. Maybe it’s your printer’s fault, who knows. You let it slide, Chalta hai you said, and here we are with this embarrassing situation. Your first impression has just gone down the drain.

Most Start-Ups are focused on their big idea and why not? That’s the USP, the differentiating factor, the core around which they will build their brand. The reality, however, is that everyone is capable of having a big idea. The devil is in the execution, the ability to get it done. You might dither when faced with the need to set up meetings, your cautiousness appearing as pride and unprofessionalism to potential clients. While the big idea continues to remain a major focus, you get lost in the details.

What we’re essentially saying to our Start-Up friends is this. Everything matters and everything is important. Whether it’s a simple visiting card or brochure or arriving on time for your important meeting. The moment you start saying “Chalta Hai” as a justification for a slip-up is when things can go wrong. From our experience of meeting and interacting with entrepreneurs, we know how quickly a bright idea can fade into a dim memory of something that might have happened, but didn’t.

Our friends at Vistaprint offer a great opportunity for businesses to make themselves look good. In order to get to the front of the line and grab a client or investor’s attention, you need to look better than everyone else. Let’s face it, there are hundreds and thousands of new businesses all clamouring for attention. It’s only fair to suggest that looking good and professional will help you differentiate yourself from the crowd. What struck us most about Vistaprint was their dismissal of the “Chalta Hai” attitude. The brand promises great quality, unique designs and on-time delivery – all things that shine out as core values that Start-Ups should embrace. By simplifying the complicated task of getting yourself branded, Vistaprint is the ideal partner for a young business. Check out their series of videos and adverts on their YouTube channel.


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