WeddingPlz - One Stop Wedding Portal

Wedding is one of the biggest events in a person’s life. There are more than 100 areas that need to be taken care of, involving huge amount of networking and referrals making weddings seem chaotic and unorganized. You can never be sure that the vendor you have selected is the best for the job.

It was essentially to bridge this gap between the vendor and the families organizing the wedding that WeddingPlz was launched, a place where everything is transparent, where you can contact the vendor as well as your shortlisted vendors can contact you – directly! To help the people organizing the wedding have a sense of relief that now, they can do everything online, without the hassle of running around.
While Manas Wadhwa (Founder) was away to attend his cousin’s wedding in Ludhiana, he was unable to find one good wedding vendor in the vicinity of his hotel, is what prompted him to explore the idea of a wedding portal. Later on Prashant Kumar joined him as the tech backbone and co-founder of the start start-up.
Seeing how easy it was to search for food joints on ‘Zomato’ and how difficult it was to search for wedding products and services on the Internet, is what deepened his conviction to start working on this idea even further, thus giving rise to – with an apt punch line which very well tells his purpose – the best place to find perfect wedding vendors in town!
The start-up is one of the the best online places to find perfect wedding vendors in town. From giving the maximum and most detailed information about vendors to helping the to-be-wed couples plan their wedding step by step, it is a one stop solution for all the wedding needs.

WeddingPlz helps the to-be-wed couples to search, manage and organize everything online by giving them access to the following features:

  • Search Engine: Find the best vendors from the biggest pool of wedding vendor database
  • Deals: Get discounts, offers, deals from your favorite vendors.
  • Events: Be up to date with latest wedding exhibitions, shows and trends
  • Blogs: Read amazing tips and ideas on everything related to wedding.
  • Reviews: Get trusted advice and reviews from real couples.
  • Planning: Don’t miss even a single detail. From checklist to guest list , stay on top of everything!
  • Website: Design your own personal wedding website. Your story – Your way of telling!

Currently WeddingPlz is the only wedding portal that integrates every wedding service and facility which a to-be-wed couple and their family that’s organizing a wedding might need – into a single website, thus making it a complete solution to all the wedding needs. An easy to use and clean user interface with simplified site navigation and enhanced search capability gets the users what they without much digression and waiting. It is the most exhaustive yet the most comprehensive wedding portal in India.

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