“Insufficient Memory!

Delete some files!”

Well, everyone knows how annoying it is when you get this kind of notifications on phones, and it becomes more annoying when you are capturing on the moment on your phone camera and after recording or taking a snapshot this message pops up.

Well, the harsh truth is you got to either delete some other precious memories or some files you just don’t want to or buy a new memory card.

But few people couldn’t cope up with this harsh reality. They didn’t want to accept it. Rather they came up with their concept of reality which is a happier one. They came up with their startup with a dream of creating a difference in this mundane world even if it’s a teeny weeny bit.


They were the three musketeers who came up with a plan and mission to enable everyone to record and save live videos directly to the cloud and allow live streaming of recorded moments to enhance everyday life experiences. No more “storage full” messages on your phone.

Also, enable storage of broadcast content for unlimited replay and sharing. That’s like the icing on the cake!

WeVoo, as they call it is a mobile platform independent consumer app and was founded by three entrepreneurs. Harry Sangha, the Founder of the team is an electronics and telecommunication engineer professional. Harry is a serial entrepreneur by practice and a technology evangelist at heart with 20 years of tech business experience. Krishna Kumar, the Happiness Advocate, a seasoned International Business Management professional with a penchant for market development. Kumar is an Ex-Indian Railways/IRCTC alumni with 15 years of management experience. Deepak Khanduri – Creator Of Opportunities. Deepak is an architect by profession he has more than 15 years of Enterprise Sales and Marketing experience.

WeVoo launched its Android application in December 2015, and the iPhone App in January 2016.

When a serial Entrepreneur, business management professional, and an Enterprise sales & marketing professional come to devise a master plan, they ended up creating a masterpiece and hence created a revolutionary app. With WeVoo, Mobile Videos are recorded and stored directly in the cloud and not on the mobile. Live videos can be shared with contacts in real time with unlimited replays worldwide. Users get to share the live videos in private or go public with everyone, anytime and anywhere. Users get 5GB free space to store the videos and then they can upgrade their storage plans as needed.

The unique feature of the app is live video recording to the cloud and simultaneously can be live streamed globally in private to contacts or Currently, the public.

Currently based out of Jersey City, NJ, USA, WeVoo has a team size of just 8 and yet the story behind its incarnation is an amazing one. As a father, Harry Sangha often found that whenever he wanted to record or save a family moment using his phone, his phone’s memory was full. That usually meant deleting older family videos to make room for the new ones.

But this problem led him on a path to creating a cloud-based live video recording and live streaming app, WeVoo.

Now to the normal enthusiastic crowd, one must know the basic functionalities of this wonder app. Some of the most important activity implemented through this app Similarly,

➢    Storing private videos live to cloud,

➢    Sharing large video files securely and instantaneously with address book contacts.

➢    Sharing live moments with address book contacts in private or with public as they are being recorded live

➢    One place to keep your personal videos

➢    Platform independent; store, share and view across Android and iPhone mobiles

Well, when you are set on the path towards immortality, you face a lot of setbacks. Similarly, when startups start to do well, they face some major difficulties. WeVoo faced its bit of challenges like choosing the right technology and platforms; minimizing dependency on 3rd party providers; brain drain and stiff competition from bigger players in the field.

Bootstrapped till now, WeVoo managed to have a whopping count of  12500 registered users globally and has B2B partnerships for industry specific solutions. Its revenue model is based upon a subscription model for cloud storage for personal and private videos, ads on mobile videos and in near future WeVoo is thinking about letting Users be able to purchase DVD/USB of their own videos for distribution.

Currently, WeVoo App is available in 120 countries in near about 35 languages. A startup is always judged by its future goals and WeVoo has some promising ones. Some of them include market penetration and expansion, product expansion with more features (VR, TVD) and revenue streams, funding for market penetration and market expansion.

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