Who would have thought that the discovery of plastic, once considered a boon and a sign of progress for mankind would end up being a bane causing a potential end to life on Planet Earth itself? Billions of tons of plastic have been produced over the past decades, and much of it is becoming trash and litter. From the 1950s up to 2018, humans have created nearly 8.3 billion metric tons of plastic, of which a whopping 91% of isn’t recycled. What happens to this waste non-recycled plastic? It is disposed off to the Landfills – Yet another source of concern.

And this isn’t all! Plastics once lead to great progress, but this convenience came along with a big price – one of which is Human Health. According to the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey done by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, BPA (Bisphenol A) was found in 93 percent of urine samples taken from people above the age of 6 years. BPA is used to make billions of plastic dinnerware, storage & beverage containers, protective linings of food cans and even toys. BPA is considered an endocrine disruptor, which means it can both decrease or increase endocrine activity in humans and cause adverse health effects.

SAVE GLOBE-Answer to the dangers of Plastic.

In 2011, Suhasan and Harika started with their “Say no to plastic” mission to bring awareness on the plastic usage to the general public and to enrich the sustainability of our planet in a holistic approach, leading to the birth of SAVE GLOBE, a brand they envisioned and executed that  manufactures eco friendly, biodegradable and sustainable products which don’t cost our planet negatively.

Suhas, CEO, Saveglobe.in says,

We know there are huge plastic islands floating in the Pacific ocean and the innocent animals are suffering only for the human’s negligence and this is high time, we may not even get a chance to survive if we don’t react now. So understanding the consequences of plastic, we thought to come up with something that instigates people to adopt the earth-friendly lifestyle, safe and sustainable solutions,  in 2011 with SAVE GLOBE, headquartered and operated from Bangalore and catering its products across the world.

The idea behind SAVE GLOBE was going back to our roots, the belief is that if we could survive without plastic for thousands of years, we sure are capable of surviving without it from now. And with a lot ofstruggle, while researching about biodegradable products, they finally figured out the solution which is sustainable, eco-friendly and pampers the environment rather than harming it.

What makes SAVE GLOBE products unique?

SAVE GLOBE came out with its revolutionary products of using ancient techniques of sustainable living and uses alternate raw materials, which are byproducts of a resource, making the products extremely eco-friendly. Some of the products they use are:-

Rice Husk: The covers of the rice grains are dried and the rice husk is used to make pillows and mattresses which was initially used by Indians to reduce neck and shoulder pain.

Coir: The dried coconut cover is used to make utensil scrubbers and plant cultivation pots because of its sturdy nature and high permeability respectively.

Plant fiber wastes, Cotton, Jute, and Canvas: As  an alternative to plastic, these materials are used to create tote bags, laptop bags, insulating water bags, handbags, etc

Bamboo, Wood and, Clay: These are a perfect alternative to ceramic and plastic, making them ideal raw materials to make biodegradable vessels and tableware.

These methods trace back to ages before the evolution of plastic took the commercial industry by storm and uses these indigenous materials to craft eco-friendly, unique, creatively designed and high on utility products in the same price range as its commercial competitors. This sustainable techniques of designing to create Green products makes it stand out from its commercial competitors.

One of the major challenges is to find the balance between sustainability and commercial viability, and Suhasan answers how he manages to strike the perfect balance-

As our raw materials come from renewable sources, the cost remains on the higher side. But we try to keep most of our raw materials as a  byproduct of a resource so that the cost of raw materials remains low like rice husk and coconut coir.

Production and operating costs are high at this point of time as our major sales are limited to urban areas where people are aware of the danger plastic causes to the environment, but we are targeting more pockets because if  the sales increases, production cost, and operating costs reduces subsequently, Therefore reducing the prices further.


SAVE GLOBE currently operates at 1 crore turnover and is planning to expand aggressively in retail with its unique range of Green Products.

From 2 to 10 full-time employees, SAVE GLOBE has come a long way through the years, operating from 2000 sq ft manufacturing space expecting to be live in at least 100 offline and online branded stores.

Ahead:  SAVE GLOBE is aiming to expand its business in both horizontal and vertical lines by increasing its product range and to reach more people by having its presence in online and offline stores and also in multi-branded stores.

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