Starting a new business means a lot of work! And if you think you’ve decided to keep the right name for your startup, think twice! Coz, believe it or not, this shall be the name of your enterprise, your website as well as the brand name that would represent your products on the international scale. A correct domain name can either lift-off your business, or can even make things go downhill – it is that important! No, we don’t want to scare you, instead, we’re here to tell you about a few hacks that can help you with selecting the correct domain name:

Step 1

Hunt for extensions: The ability to understand the process and the relevance of getting a dot-com domain name is something you can’t afford to ignore! From investors, customers to the credibility of your business – everything lies in the name you choose. With varied domain extensions that have been evolved in these recent times, it is becoming increasingly convenient for everyone to settle for the second or third best like .info .business etc. But that simply won’t do! Put on your thinking cap and the creative process involved is important that can make your brand stand out!

Note that, even if you have to accept a domain name that is not .com – then .net, .org, .io, .website are some of the most looked upon domain names in the world.

Step 2

Keep an eye on spellings, punctuation, and length: Even small little errors in the spelling of the words can literally break your reputation within seconds since it would decrease all chances of getting discovered and remembered. In this generation of quirky websites and products, and if you’re stuck with a wrong spelling or have it mixed up – then perhaps your business may very well be down the hole, even before it started!

Always remember, the first impression lasts long!

Step 3

The ‘Keyword’ effect: Experts say that including the right keyword in your domain name can do wonders for your business because of the search rankings, visibility and ease of remembrance it has to offer. But, most of the startups overlook a crucial point in the haste of getting a keyword-based name. Choosing a keyword that makes perfect sense for your enterprise not only for today but also for the next five years at least before deciding on something.

Note that these insights shall make your business be the top-of-the-line for the coming years as well. For instance, if you’re starting a startup that is based on the publication of newspapers, you may choose something relevant in recent times, but if you are open to expansion and exploring that can lead you to the publication of magazines, novels then going for a generic name would be advisable rather than something related to only newspapers. Ask yourself first, then decide.

Step 4

Keeping it Real: Using keywords that add a spark to your brand is a preferred way to go about it. But, what about when you’re thinking about starting something that would have its market on an international level and have to compete with the giants? At that time, only originality can work in real-time! That applies to your domain name too. Just like ‘Google’ or ‘Yahoo’ – completely original and out-of-the-box words that redefine the internet these days and has evolved from a brand name to a verb.

Note that, the most crucial part of this is about having fun, getting out of your comfort zone and being creative throughout the entire process. You can use sites like Domain Name Generator to find some of the best domains for your startup. Also maybe the domain name that you choose today, may not be the one you get to keep forever, but you can change and evolve along the way as well!

Step 5

Sealing it with Copyright and Trademarks: One of the most ignored facts before deciding on a domain name is checking if the same domain name is already trademarked by other business enterprises. If that’s the case, then it is not a very good idea to go with the same, right? Coz, then it won’t fetch you any visibility and instead promote their business even if they are known by a different name in real-time!

Note that, the same goes for niche-based websites. For instance, if you’re planning to start your own review website for a certain director’s movies, you should never settle for a domain name as:

“abcdirectornamemoviereviews .com” without the prior permission. It can straight lead you to all sorts of legal, financial and ownership trouble. It’s better to place your foot on the traded ground rather than unknown paths.

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