Gone the days when people wanted to go to universities, take a degree, go to a 9 to 5 job, happy family and happy life. Now the scenario has changed to a great extent. We are living in a startup century, where a 7-8 years boy is the CEO of a company, the age when people used to play with mud and dust.

Entrepreneurship culture is booming not only in India but worldwide and we are seeing the huge number of startup coming out within a very short time frame. If you see the mentality of Indians, then they never tend to take risks, because of they afraid of failure. But there are some people who challenge this mindset and stand out to bring some change in a different way, these are called the entrepreneurs.

There is no specific time when one should start a startup. The best time make a startup is not tomorrow, not next week, neither the next year. The time is when you are reading this post, this very second. You should probably wonder why? Here are the reasons why you should start a startup from now

Solve real-life problems:

This should be the first goal for a startup. Whether you are a small or big startup, that doesn’t matter. What matters is, what you got for the society, for the people. Startups are innovative and creative, which makes the lifestyle easier.

Create something out of nothing:

Startups are crazy, founders are mad. The crazy ideations going through the entrepreneurs’ mind results in making something useful out of absolutely nothing. And there are very few professional fields where this freedom is there. The freedom is to take that crazy ideation into reality.

No Yes Boss! :

This is the best thing I like. No Yes Boss! thing, no need to explain anything to anyone. Make your work time schedule. Startups are adventure which everyone needs to do at least once in a lifetime. Starting a startup is full of hassle, but it’s fun. You enjoy working with your co-workers, a healthy and happy environment. Who doesn’t want this in life?

Break the rules, make your way:

Startups are beauty. Entrepreneurs are the rule-breakers. They break rules to get their beauty. They just dedicate themselves to bring their imaginary passion to existence. There is nothing required except a creative idea and how to execute it with a passion.

A lot to learn:

While working in a startup with semi-like-minded people. You will learn many things starting from working in a team to managing a team, from studying the market to making the marketing strategy. You will start thinking out of the box, communicate in a professional way, all in all you will get transformed to a new you.

Customers; you got it:

The hardest thing for a startup was used to getting its potential customers. But now it’s not that much harder it was before. Startups gain overnight media attention which boosts their sales. They just need to come up with an innovative idea and make a perfect story. Today, startups use channels like public relations, search engine marketing, in-person events, inbound marketing, platform distribution, affiliate programs to get their customers. A solid and perfect strategy is all that needed for customer acquisition.

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