Marketing – a term that is most utilized in recent times have gone multiple makeovers, from being direct, on-field marketing to digital marketing through various sources. Today at The Startup Journal, we are talking about Kloudboxx – a marketing automation platform that makes the most of social WiFi marketing for lead generation and yielding more revenue if you know just the way to use it!

What exactly is social Wi-Fi marketing?

‘Free WiFi’ has now become a must-have for every restaurant, café, airport, shopping mall and even office. To login, you need a password that is provided by the institutions themselves. Now, in some cases you need to sign-in to the network with your social media handles namely Facebook, Instagram and that exactly is social WiFi. This may seem insignificant at this stage compared to the conventional password sign-in, but things get interesting from here. WiFi allows marketing and advertising companies to know their customers up and close starting from their needs to their behavior and retailers can run real-time direct loyalty marketing campaigns.

How does Kloudboxx fit in the scenario?

Meet the Founders of Kloudboxx
Meet the Founders of Kloudboxx

Kloudboxx uses social wifi for the real-time-bidding and social media for advanced ad targeting. It provides a device (with a custom software) to the installed free WiFi devices, which beams out the WiFi and a layer of service is installed on the access points of these WiFi devices. This essentially routes to the login page where the customer has to input his/her details for logging into the free network. After registration, the customer gets to watch advertisements for a few seconds, making revenue streams for Kloudboxx.

Initially started as a bootstrapped startup Kloudboxx has raised Angel Funding to provide uniquely designed features to choose as per the client requirement.

Kloudboxx Personalized Advertising tools

Best made for more conversions, both online and offline, it also allow retailers to view time-based banners or videos on their personalized splash page and showing targeted advertisements.

Kloudboxx Analytics Dashboard and Cloud Management

It helps marketing agencies analyze their public Wi-Fi hotspot data and analyze them in relation with their customers’ KPIs (e.g. Machine learning, in-store presence analytics, sales receipts, CRM, etc)

So, What is the next target for Kloudboxx?

What started as a smoke-room discussion by the co-founders Goverdhan (CEO) & Srinivas (COO) came alive after ten months of rigorous work in May 2018 in Bangalore with a team of five employees.

Kloudboxx has a SaaS-based business model, with customized subscription plans. Tailored plans provide features for targeted marketing, Location Analytics, Automation Engine, Branded Splash pages, Presence Analytics.

It also has an additional revenue model which is the 10 to 15 -second advertisement space, shared between Kloudboxx and the other businesses. 

Krosswork – Future of Co-Working Space:

Krosswork (Powered by Kloudboxx) is the second business model, which transforms unused spaces into a city-wide network of sophisticated, prolific work-spaces where one can interact and work with a range of people.

You can now find Krosswork across the city at various locations, making it more feasible. It brings to you fast, free and reliable Wi-Fi that you can access always. Krosswork offers you an unlimited access to coffee, tea and other essentials for a modern professional. Not only does it utilize underused spaces and provide some relief for coffee shops, but it’s also almost infinitely scalable — every city in the world has restaurants that are closed during the day. The charges start at only ₹ 4999 per month where user gets a ₹ 4100 worth vouchers which can be redeemed for the users’ food consumption at a work café, with daily pass of ₹ 399 with a ₹300 voucher.

Kloudboxx wants to be wherever the WiFi exists, their aim being the de-facto gateway between the Internet and millions of users. On being asked about the same, Goverdhan said

I follow what Jack Ma has to say and I am very optimistic. An entrepreneur should be optimistic about the future and has to ask what problem he can solve, and how his solution is different from the others, and why he can do it better than everyone else!

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