Wooden Street

Furniture is the most important part of home décor. Though there are a number of online stores selling custom made furniture, still this $20 Billion sector is unorganized in terms of options and variety.

Wooden Street was launched in May, 2015 with eye to tap the Indian furniture sector through the help of technology to enhance the contentment of online furniture shopping. The objective behind the launch was to optimize the custom requirement and seed the economical pricing through the online business.

Given the growth and penetration of e-commerce in India, Wooden Street believes that the market is opening up, and that their efforts will be worthwhile in both horizontal and vertical layers. The complete furniture Market is lacking behind in the comfortable furniture units and culture based styling, emphasized by the Wooden Street. Right from the readymade choice to custom made furniture, a user is served as per the requirements and shown furniture catalogue based on individual tastes.

Custom Made Furniture

The team is making a target to focus on customized order and the enthusiastic designers are taking the work with utter seriousness. Since May 2015, a short span of 5 months has been a bit challenging for the team but constant efforts and focus over the market positioning, eradicated the frequent hurdles. Apparently, Wooden Street has now completed 200+ orders successfully. Received good response from the younger user aged between 25-34, the age group is usually noticed for online shopping craze.

The platform is a search engine for the spectacular designs and a boom towards modern furniture styling. The best entrepreneurial stories always begin with the personal moment of inspiration from a genuine source. Understanding and disregard of the highly fragmented and unorganized sector of $20 Billion furniture industry, the founders of Wooden Street, Lokendra Ranawat, Dinesh Pratap, Virendra Ranawat and Vikas Baheti collaborated to set and launch a virtual experience that can attract buyers and acquire their favourite piece of furniture sitting at home.

“Doing business with great integrity and knowledge has been our mantra and will continue to be the core belief,” says Lokendra.

“The early start-up funding rounds were self-made by the founders. Perhaps, the company is now looking to raise the funds from external sources,” adds Dinesh.

Wooden Street has now more than 50+ team members in three distinct branches located in Jaipur, Udaipur and Jodhpur. The team’s vital contribution is to extract more than pound of flesh to incline towards the market place.

The initial efforts made are showing the developing phase of customized and readymade furniture choices among the consumers. Needless to say, the company is really doing well to full fill the normal customers need to high class furniture requirements. Recently, Wooden Street has introduced a range of home décor maintaining the affordability and availability for the fans.

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