Pan Coupe

Fashion changes, but savvy couture followers know that looking stylish and classy solely depends on accessorizing with the delicate pieces. Wooden watches are not new but are the rage now, as it has become not only a personal style preference but a perfect gifting solution for giving an heirloom quality wrist wear.

Apart from the classy appearance the wooden watches and accessories offer the owners to showcase their own unique attributes with style. No two wooden accessories can be identical because no two trees are identical which drives the intrigue one receives when wearing it as a fashion statement. Through special treatment of the material during crafting, grains and subtle differences in the wood shine through to share the special qualities inherent in each piece.

Pan Coupé, a start-up from Indore, the commercial capital of Madhya Pradesh lets you create the best personalized wooden wrist watches and other accessories. With its elegant time pieces the startup helps you get best gift you can come up with as it will be personalized and will speak volumes about your loved one’s personality. A gift that will be treasured by your loved ones and by you as it is an engraving that will be etched for life and as the saying goes it is literally worth.

This beautiful idea was all started when a close friend of the Arpan Bhutda (Founder), Laurent Boloun saw a trend of eco-friendly accessories in the European community and inspired him to carry the culture to India which he accepted with passion.

Arpan, having a passion towards dressing up, trying new outfits and accessories was never happy with his collections because he never was able to find the perfect clothes in the market, so he started making his own outfits, including stitching his neck ties and bow ties, making own shoes, belts and wallets, carving his own wooden watches and eyewear. He opened up all the electronics to give them own feel by changing or coloring their body.

“It was never about a startup, I always wanted to be unique. Always wanted to look different from everyone else,” says Arpan.

Arpan Bhutda, had his education in Mechatronics Engineering in Thiland but never completed his degree because of issues with one of his teachers. His love to create, experiment and innovate gave birth to the brilliant idea of Pan Coupé.

“At Pan Coupe we solve compromises customers make while purchasing. They always look up things on internet but there are two major issues, either the products are not available or it’s too expensive. So we wanted to build something that provides the customer whatever they want and that with complete customization,” Arpan adds.

Though the startup has got a good initial traction it still growing slowly because Indians are not much aware of the wooden trend that is picking up in the western countries and don’t know if these kinds of products exist.

Showing his disappointment Arpan says,

“Customers in India don’t value handmade products because of the abundance of it. They think my products are expensive and not exclusive.”

At first glance, these delightful timepieces look like they could have been crafted by the very best Swiss manufacturers. Arpan wants the customers to take pride in having India’s most unique time-pieces.

Wooden watches are often crafted from re-purposed woods with an ecological responsibility. Trees initially harvested for furniture, shipping needs, and a variety of other purposes can find a new life as finely crafted fashion accessories for the environmentally conscious and ecologically aware.

We convey our best wishes to Arpan for the success of his venture and future endeavors.

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